6 Habits that Genuinely Older than You

Aging doesn’t stop, this is the only thing that you can’t stop from happening; but, do you even think that there are some habits that are older than you? These habits might be done by your grandmas or grandpas. Some people won’t believe but “Truth Hurts” yes we are aging.


1. You Love Reality Tv


There is a chance when you are on school, studying or even at the office, working. You may notice that when you’re are not at home you are thinking about the show or even urgently want to go home just to watch the whole show and not to miss it.


2. Music Is Louder For You


Do you remember that when you are listening to your favorite music? You often want to be loud as possible. You don’t care if someone is angry with you all you want is to do what you want.


3.  The Only Type Of X Rating You’re Interested In Is Food Porn


Food is great for cooking or even cooking it with design. But when you don’t eat the food you prepare and you just want to show it out to your friends for pride or show it out to other to gain praises. You might be a chef someday.


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Written by Rayhan333

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