A Girl Was Arrested For Having Sex and Bearing Child With a Dead Man

Morgue Worker Arrested After Giving Birth to Dead Man’s Baby?

Jennifer Burrows Arrested after giving birth to a dead mans baby photo by
Jennifer Burrows Arrested after giving birth to a dead mans baby photo by

  • Woman Got Pregnant by a Dead Man, Arrested by the Police in Missouri

  • Lady Mortuary Worker Had Sex with a Dead Man and Gave Birth to a Baby

Kansas City, Missouri – A female morgue worker identified as Jennifer Burrows, 26, was arrested by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department after giving birth to a boy whose father was a corpse in the mortuary where Burrows work.

Jennifer Burrows
Jennifer Burrows

According to the World News Daily Report, Burrows was reported having sex with the corpses she’s preparing for a funeral. The Dead Serious News website also published a news article about this female morgue worker who became pregnant after having sexual intercourse with a dead man. Burrows worked as the assistant pathologist to the medical examiner at Jackson County, bringing her closer to corpses and probably develop necrophilia.

In January 7 of this year, she gave birth to a baby boy after allegedly having sexual intercourse with dead men in the mortuary where she works. And now, she is facing a 250,000 dollars bond after giving birth to a deceased male’s child. The reported crime happened in Mourning Glory Mortuary, in the outskirts of Lexington, Missouri. The police department charged the woman for necrophilia and profanation of the deceased person.

Based on the statement made by Burrows, the corpse had a postmortem erection while she bathe him. And since they were alone, she had sex with the dead. But it surprised her when the dead man had an orgasm after a few minutes of straddling. Then several weeks later, Burrows appeared positive to a pregnancy test during a regular medical exam. She told the doctor how she got pregnant and so the police got a lead about what happened.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested after giving birth to a dead mans baby photo by
Jennifer Burrows Arrested after giving birth to a dead mans baby photo by

The supposed autopsy of the dead body turned into a necrophiliac sex act that caused the birth of a child. Burrows was to autopsy the deceased male who died from a vehicular accident in 2015. Also according to reports, she sexually abused corpses of over 60 dead men between the age of 17 and 71. That resulted to 158 charges such as the indecent treatment she has done to the dead bodies as well as using illegal drugs.

Psychologist Isabella Ramirez, who is also a professor at the University of Missouri, described the incident as having partial lost of contact with the reality and that Burrows suffers from psychosis. Sexual deviation and compulsive necrophiliac triggered the act. Burrows also had a mental problem hence the plea of insanity could help her face the charges in court.

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