A Lesson Learned: Girl Sells Virginity for an iPhone 8; Was Terrified After Knowing Who She’s Dealing With

How far will you go to get the new iPhone 8?

How far will you go for a new smartphone? [Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

  • A teenager in China will do anything just to get her hands on the new phone — including her virginity.

  • A video vlogger decided to teach the girl a lesson she will not forget.

  • Xiao Chen was surprised when three men entered the room.

What will you do to get your hands on the latest gadget or luxurious item that you are eying for? Will you work hard for it or will you go the easy way and sell something as precious as yourself?

That is what a teenage girl from China did. Since she is wishing to get the latest iPhone 8, she opted to sell her virginity. However, just what the famous saying “Be Careful What You Wish For” means, the teenager actually get what she wants – and more.

The Proposal

The 17-year-old girl named Xiao Chen posted her proposal on the internet. She was offering herself for a lump sum of RMB 20,000 or 3021 USD for her to buy the brand new phone from Apple. Unknowingly, the girl forgot that there is a dark side behind the internet. There are a lot of suspicious people and even predators.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

The good thing is that instead of a bad person, the person who saw her advertisement is a video blogger named Nana Henying. Nana decided to teach the girl a tough but scary lesson.

To serve as a warning not only for teenagers but for parents as well.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

To start, Nana pretended to be the secretary of a rich client who is interested to take Chen’s offer. They met in a tea shop to discuss the details.

The blogger asked Chen why she decided to sell her precious virginity but she was surprised by her answer. She stated that all her friends have the new iPhone and she wants one too but her parents don’t have enough money to buy it.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

She revealed that one of the girls at her school slept with a rich man and earned easy money.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

Nana tried to persuade the girl to give up with her goal. However, Chen was already decided to get her hands on the expensive phone and to give up her virginity for easy money.

“All I have to do is lie there, right? We each get what we want. I’ve already thought about it through.

Nana gave Chen RMB 500 or 75 USD as a sign of good will. She eventually showed up at the hotel room where she will meet with the “client.”

The Scary Part

However, things did not go as what the girl thought it will be when instead of the client, she saw three more men entered the room. Two of them were already half naked while the other one was holding a camera.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

It was then when she realized the real situation and became terrified of what the men will do to her. She was suddenly pinned down to the bed by the two men while the man holding the camera was filming.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

Chen started to struggle when Nana entered the room to stop the realistic prank. She angrily told the teenager while throwing her a box of iPhone.

“Now are you afraid? Well, it’s too late now! It’s not worth selling anything just for a phone.”

The video ended with the Xiao Chen crying on the bed.

[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

According to the website Mirror, Nana lectured Chen in private after the men left the room.


[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]
[Image Credit: Amazing TV Prod/Youtube]

Are you willing to give up everything with something that can easily be replaced? Are you desperate enough to sell your virginity or your life for a gadget?


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