ADORABLE: Coleen Garcia wants her 16-year old dog at her wedding

Meet Bambi, Coleen’s 16-year old dog

  • Coleen Garcia wants participation of her 16-year old dog at her wedding
  • Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford wedding set in 2018

Model and actress, Coleen Garcia is a pet owner and currently owns 7 – 2 cats, 2 big dogs, a Keeshond, and her 2 adorable dogs – Summer and Bambi.

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#Repost @coleengarcia with @repostapp ・・・ #BambiTheTeenager has been my guardian angel since I was 9 yrs old. For 15 yrs, she's been with me through my struggles and my happiest & most important milestones (this photo was taken when I got engaged!), and she still never fails to comfort me when I need it most. If you know me personally, you'd know this—she's been the most consistent thing in my life, and even when I had nothing & no one, I had her. I can never put her love & loyalty into words, and I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to her. This is how much this DOG means to me. Anyone who truly loves their pets knows the joy they bring. ❤ This is why it's so painful to hear about the controversy surrounding the MMFF film, "Oro". Can you imagine the fear in your furbaby's eyes & the pain in his cries if he were to be stuffed into a sack, beaten to death, skinned & gutted—and filmed for everyone to see? 😢 People condemn & protest against the Yulin Festival, and they get angered by people who upload videos of themselves harming animals. How is this any different? Because it was done for "art"? Because it happens in real life anyway? I know it's based on reality & it does happen in the Philippines, but is that enough to justify the fact that an innocent life was brutally ended for this purpose? It's unbearable enough that this even happens at all, and people already decry the act. Why join in when we know better 😔 Those who work in this field know that there are countless ways in which that scene could have been executed effectively without harming a single soul. In pursuit of authenticity, you lost your humanity. Don't get me wrong, I've heard great reviews about "Oro" & I don't doubt the superb quality of the film in its entirety, as well as the competence of its actors, and the message it conveys.. But I do hope that this never happens again. This isn't something that we should ever encourage. Or even allow. We were made to be better than this. 💔 (Sorry for the long post. I'm not the type to speak up, but if things go unsaid this time around, people might just let it slip & think that this is okay. It is NOT okay. Lend a voice to those who

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Although Coleen kept mum on her wedding preparation to set in 2018, Coleen shares a bit of information in an interview with PEP.PH during her recent endorsement shoot. She reiterates that she made sure that her dogs will have a participation on her wedding day. While her dog, barely-a-year-old Summer remains to be her constant buddy during tapings, Bambi, her 16-year old dog on the other hand has not been well. “She’s blind, she’s deaf, she can only smell a little bit,” Coleen said.

On her interview, she added:

“Ever since bata pa ako, I would always get scared kasi nag-10 years old na siya, ’tapos 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16… So every time, I’d whisper to her since a long time ago, and I’d tell her to at least wait until she could give me away on my wedding day.”

During her interview, she mentioned on how she take good care of her pets. She talked to them like normal people and would only feed them human grade which is safe. Gesturing towards Summer, ““Pag hinawakan mo ’yong fur ni Summer, sobrang soft niya,” she proudly said. “Very healthy. Hindi na sila nagva-vitamins kasi pinipili ko ’yong food na nando’n na lahat ng kailangan nilang vitamins.”

It was December 21, 2016 when Billy proposed to Coleen Garcia at the NINYO Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge. The wedding is set to happen in 2018.


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