After Saving Up, Netizen Finds Out That His Paper Bills Were Eaten by Termites

If you think it’s already heartbreaking, look at the P1000 bills!

What will you feel if your paper bills were eaten by termites? [Image Credit: Walwal / Facebook]

  • Many Filipinos are starting their own savings, thanks to Facebook groups and success stories.

  • However, a netizen got his heart broken after seeing his bills eaten by termites.

  • Is there still a chance for him to get his money back?

Because of the rise of different savings group on Facebook, many people cannot help but dream of starting their own savings. Plus, there are many successful savings stories that continue to inspire many people to save.

However, one netizen got dismayed after finding out that the paper bills he saved, which he placed inside a bamboo savings bank, were eaten by termites!

[Image Credit: Walwal / Facebook]
Bamboo savings bank or alkansya is popular for many Filipinos. Not only do they come with a cheap price tag, it is also harder to get your money out of this savings bank. Compared with the typical piggy banks or decorative containers that we can easily buy from the mall, these fancy banks can be easy to open. Since they are designed for reuse, it is easier for you to get the money anytime you like, making saving money harder.

However, it turns out that these bamboo alkansyas also have their downside! Since it’s wood, termites might possibly live inside and eat your paper bills!

A Facebook page named Walwal shared several photos of the paper bills defaced by the termites. If you think getting your P20 destroyed is already heartbreaking, wait until you see these photos! There were several P1,000 inside the alkansya!

[Image Credit: Walwal / Facebook]
Although the money bank was filled mostly with P50, there is also a handful of P100. Luckily, there are still some bills that can still be saved. Since the termites did not eat everything, there were still bits and pieces left.

All the owner needs to do is to clean the bills and bring the money to the Bangkok Sentral ng Pilipinas. They can provide him with new bills in exchange for the eaten ones.

We’re happy that he can still replace his money! If not, we will surely cry with him.


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