The Most Amazing Love Story: Filipina Marries Her American Samaritan In A Love Story 14 Years In The Making

Photo: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

  • A young Filipina finds love in the sender of Samaritan’s Purse through the Operation Christmas Child Project.
  • From a gift box to a marriage proposal, they finally tied the knot for a happy ending in the United States.
  • Read more below.

Who would have thought that you can find your forever in a Christmas box one fair day? Certainly not the young Joanna Marchan from Quezon City who received a Samaritan’s purse 14 years ago during the gift-giving season. Delighted by the goodies in the gift box, sure she was too innocent to think about finding a soulmate along with those treats.

One Grateful City Girl Writes Her Thank You Letter

Perhaps it’s the debt of gratitude deeply embedded in the Filipino tradition, not to mention curiosity that has encouraged Joana to write a thank you letter for her sponsor. With a huge heart for his age, the gift sender was an American seven-year-old boy who looks cute and playful in a cowboy costume. It was just unfortunate that the letter failed to reach the recipient knowing the troubles of sending out snail mails in the Philippines.

Photo: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

Persistent Lady Sends Facebook Requests Not Once But Twice

Knowing the name of the sender of the Christmas goodies in a shoe box, Joana took her chances of looking him up on Facebook. She searched for someone named Tyrel Wolfe and weighed in the odds if he is the young Tyrel in the picture sent along with the Samaritan’s purse. While she got ignored after sending the first friend request 11 years after she got the gift way back in 2000, she tried again in 2011 when she finally got his attention with a message asking how she got to know him. And the rest is history.

Christmas Box Couple Vows To Keep The Gift-Giving Tradition

Owing to their beautiful love story which led to their gradual engagement and marriage in 2014 to the Samaritan’s Purse, the couple now resides in the United States. They vowed to keep the tradition of sending gift boxes to children. This is to show their love and gratitude to the Operation Christmas Child Project that made it all possible.

Photo: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

Love comes in many unexpected ways and this might happen to you, too! It wouldn’t hurt to be open to great romantic possibilities.

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