Arrogant Woman Who Slapped the Old Taxi Driver Issues Apology

A sincere apology should speak for itself.

Cherish Sharmaine Interior, the woman who made headlines after slapping an old taxi driver at the Congressional Avenue in Quezon City issues an apology on Monday, December 18.

Screenshot from the viral road rage incident

Interior claims that her rude behavior that angered millions of netizens was a result of her anger management problem.

In a Facebook post, she wrote:

Hi. I’m Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I’ve been reading some posts about me. Some pages have also been created that pretends to be mine but I would like to speak out.

First of all, I am sorry. It was just caused by my short temper. I have a problem on anger management and please understand my situation.

Second of all, I am not always like this. My friends and relatives know the real me. I deeply regret what happened. I got the name of the driver and I’m more than willing to reach out to him.

Third, that fb page under my name is not mine. I won’t post photos of myself and my bf especially that we are hated by the social media public today. That page is created to incite more hate on me and my bf. It just needs your likes and hate. This is the reason why I needed to deactivate my main Facebook account and use my spare account to protect my loved ones since they have their infos and photos on my original account.

Fourth, please spare my company and my relatives! Call me vile things, assassinate my character, I deserve that. But please spare my company, officemates and relatives.


The video footage showing Interior humiliating and slapping the helpless driver who previously suffered a stroke has gathered almost 10 million views.

Virgilio Murillo Doctor also known as Mang Boy, 52-year old taxi driver who was slapped by Interior in the viral road rage video

Her cruelty angered millions of netizens and resulted to Interior deactivating her original Facebook account.

My personal opinion on this issue:

When I’m writing for Viralbuzzmakers, I usually just present the facts and just let the readers come up with their own opinions.

But after reading Interior’s apology, I feel the need to share my take on this incident.

We are living in a time when social media has become a part of the way we live.  People are carrying their camera phones everywhere, which means somebody could be watching us and taking our pictures and videos at any given time, with or without our permission.   

In short, we have to be ready to go viral anytime.  And by being ready, I mean, we should always try to be at our best behavior especially when we are in a public place. 

So before going on a full beast mode, we might want to take a pause and consider that there could be cameras all over the place.

Also, we have to understand that our actions may have repercussions. 

You can’t just display your rudeness in public and expect everyone to be cool with it.  You should at least be ready to face retaliation from people who don’t approve or whom you made upset with your behavior.

You can’t bash someone and cry when you get bashed in return.

If I was in Interior’s place, I would probably look for the driver first and apologize to him and to his family in person.  I would try to avoid using the victim card.  I would be more concerned on how can I make things right rather than just fixing my “image” and telling the public how they should feel about me.

Share with us what you think.

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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

Cherish Sharmaine Interior is the woman behind the slapping incident. [Image Credit: Cherish Sharmaine Interior/Facebook]

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