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  • Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz

    Xander Ford Denies Accusations Hurled At Him By A Friend Of Ogie Diaz

    FXander Ford posts a status on his Facebook page denying the accusations on his inappropriate behavior. Xander Ford denies the accusations of Ogie Diaz’ Friend. Xander Ford became an overnight sensation after his transformation; from having an unappealing face to a “heartthrob” look. From being the simple Marlou Arizala he suddenly became the dashing Xander […] More

  • Liz Farell and Lady Gaga both with Fibromyalgia via UNILAD

    Irish Singer With Fibromyalgia Uses £9.95 Cream To Treat Her Condition

    Liz Farell was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago but was cured thanks to a special cream. She was inspired to come out after singer released a documentary about her illness. 40-year-old Irish singer, Liz Farell suffered greatly from Fibromyalgia which is a chronic illness characterized by extreme pain when dealing with pressure. Tiredness, lack […] More

  • KFC Double Down

    KFC Double Down Scheduled To Take UK By Storm On Monday!!!

    KFC UK will release Double Down in four days. British fanatics couldn’t be more excited to try it! KFC UK is set to add Double Down on their menu on October 09, 2017 which will be available on a limited run up to six weeks. The KFC Double Down is a whopping goodness of bacon […] More

  • Prank Text Posted On Tweeter Has Now Gone Viral

    Prank Text Posted On Tweeter Has Now Gone Viral

    Noah received a very funny “wrong send” text and gets famous instantly after he tweeted it. Noah and his friend were astonished for the huge reception of the tweet. Noah is a 15-year-old living in Oklahoma who received an entertaining angry text and decided to tweet it and the following day, his tweet has become […] More

  • Elizabeth visiting the United States in 2007 By NASA/Bill Ingalls -, Public Domain,

    What’s On Queen Elizabeth II iPod Playlist?

    Her Queen Majesty was seen using her silver iPod. People now have an idea on what she recently played. Spotted lately is Queen Elizabeth’s silver iPod during one of her meeting with general of Australia, Peter Cosgrove in the Balmoral living room causing renewed excitement over her taste for music. This gadget just confirms that […] More

  • Alisah Bonaobra photo via Metro UK
    in ,

    WATCH: Alisah Bonaobra Got A New Chance After Her Defying Gravity Performance

    Alisah Bonaobra got a second chance after being eliminated from X Factor. Alisah Bonaobra stunned the judges with her performance of Defying Gravity. Alisah Bonaobra, the 22-yr. old from the Philippines almost lost her chance at the X Factor show. During her previous performances, she even got standing ovations but the singer actually failed to […] More

  • New Xander Ford



    Meet The New Xander Ford-A New Look, A New Life

    Xander Ford finally showed his new “look”Girls Girls got excited with the new Xander Ford Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford of Hast5 has finally revealed his new look via Rated K. Last Sunday, Rated K featured the cosmetic operations done on Xander as he goes to a full physical transformation; nose job, eyebrows and lightening […] More

  • Relax your body with Water Buffalo Horns

    LOOK: Indonesian Streets Famous For Heated Water Buffalo Cupping Technique

    Heated water buffalo horns used for relaxation and cure for various illnesses. This not so new healing technique makes waves in Western culture. In Indonesia, an unusual approach to healing and relaxation is practiced by street healers which make use of heated water buffalo horns. This cupping technique is considered another way to heal the […] More

  • LG G6

    6 Things I Love About LG G6 Smartphone

    Here are 6 Things I Love About LG G6 Smartphone When LG released the G5 phone last year, many smartphone lovers liked its innovative design. The phone had an attractive modular design, unlike the LG G6 that has a simpler but elegant design. However, the G6 has significant and lovable improvements compared to its predecessor. […] More