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  • OIL RIGGERS photo via Job Mail

    Ten Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World That Deserve Respect

    These are the ten most dangerous jobs anyone can ever encounter The most dangerous jobs in the world deserve much respect You don’t always care about the jobs of others; whether they get a hard time or they risk their lives for it. What usually matters especially for the employers is whether they were able […] More

  • LTFRB wants taxi fares at par with GrabCar and Uber rates

    LTFRB wants taxi fares at par with GrabCar and Uber rates

    Taxi fares in PH to increase to be at par with Uber LTFRB has agreed to increase the taxi fares This is good news for the taxi drivers and operators and definitely bad news for commuters. The LTFRB has agreed unanimously on the increase of taxi fares. The increase will make them at par with the […] More

  • African Elephant and her Labrador Dog Bestfriend

    WATCH: African elephant and black Labrador form an exceptional bond

    Gentle Giant Bubbles: The African Elephant Is Best friends With A Black Labrador After both her parents got killed, Bubbles now have a family whom she belongs to. It is all too common for a dog and/or cat to be man’s best friend but for different species of animals to be friends with each other? […] More

  • Jennifer Burrows Arrested after giving birth to a dead mans baby photo by

    A Girl Was Arrested For Having Sex and Bearing Child With a Dead Man

    Woman Got Pregnant by a Dead Man, Arrested by the Police in Missouri Lady Mortuary Worker Had Sex with a Dead Man and Gave Birth to a Baby Kansas City, Missouri – A female morgue worker identified as Jennifer Burrows, 26, was arrested by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department after giving birth to a […] More

  • NAIA Thieves Strikes Again

    WATCH: OFW lost hard earned belongings at the NAIA Terminal 2

    NAIA Thieves Strikes Again! OFW Lost Belongings on Terminal 2 OFW lost hard earned belongings at the NAIA Terminal 2 OFW reported the incident to a NAIA staff but got no response It’s not easy to work abroad; away from your family and the life you have gotten used to in your native country. These […] More

  • Philippines Commission on Human Rights

    Commission on Human Rights Get Php1,000.00 budget From The PH House Of Representatives

    CHR given Php1,000.00 budget for 2018 from the House of Representatives Php1,000 budget might mean the abolition of CHR The Commission on Human Rights was given a Php1,000.00 budget next year. The lawmakers have been frustrated with the CHR’s performance; the reason why they were given a budget which can be considered useless for how […] More

  • Maria Sofia Love is facing a Possible Persona Non Grata for Insulting the Philippine National Anthem

    After Insulting The Philippine National Anthem, Maria Sofia Love’s Passport Faces Possible Cancellation

    Maria Sofia Sanchez aka Maria Sofia Love insults the National Anthem of the Philippines National Historical Commission of the Philippines files petition for the cancellation of the passport of Maria Sofia Love Maria Sofia Love is an online star who had become popular on the net because of the catchy taglines on the videos that […] More

  • How Much Sugar Are You Allowed To Consume When You Have Diabetes

    [READ]: How Much Sugar Are You Allowed To Consume When You Have Diabetes?

    Carbohydrates are absorbed into the body and become sugar. Diabetics are advised to limit sugary foods intake. Insulin is a kind of hormone in the body which is responsible for decreasing glucose levels; when you have diabetes, it’s either your body doesn’t produce an adequate amount of insulin or your body doesn’t react to it […] More

  • The World's Oldest Person Alive Turns 120 Years Old



    LOOK: The World’s Oldest Person Alive Turns 120 Years Old

    Francisca Susano, 120 years old, oldest person alive She says her secret to long life is her fondness for fresh vegetables. Francisca Susano, born on September 11, 1897, could be the oldest person alive. She was a year older than the Philippine Independence and she also survived two world wars. Susano, of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, […] More

  • Sarah Christine Bona is Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017 photo via Youtube


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    LOOK: Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017 is Miss PHILIPPINES Sarah Christine Bona

    Pinay beauty crowned at the first ever Miss Nature Intercontinental Miss Slovakia Júlia Kokoruďová, crowned first runner up while Miglena Nikolova of Bulgaria finishes 2nd Sarah Christine Bona is The First Ever Miss Nature Intercontinental   Some girls dream to be a doctor or nurse, some flight stewardess or a philanthropist and for some, they […] More