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    WATCH: In a Heartbeat – An Animated Short Film That Explores Young Love Between Two Boys

    The project started as a Kickstarter campaign to provide resources for Beth David’s and Esteban Bravo’s creative vision. The two students wanted to create a short film for their senior thesis depicting young love or first childhood crush but they ended up telling the tale in a different and mind blowing way. This 2017 computer-animated […] More

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    Give Yourself A Break, 7 Signs It’s Check-Out Time

    When you experience a connection problem in your home network, the first impulse of any individual who uses her common sense is to run a diagnostics. You check if everything is in place. Similar things happen in your relationship. Sometimes, it comes to a certain point when you feel that love is gone yet you […] More

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    5 Ironclad Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a More Genuine Friend

    Building real friendship when people are all focused on “having a friend” than “being one” can be really frustrating. For the many, it’s almost impossible to talk about this subject without them thinking about their real motives and what possible benefits they can actually get from it. It is sad how the word “friend” has been devalued and used as a meaningless […] More

  • UFO Spotted in Cornwall
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    WATCH: Bizzare Shimmering UFO Spotted in Cornwall, UK

    UFO Spotted in Cornwall? A shimmering black unidentified flying object has been spotted and filmed multiple times in the skies of Cornwall in July, 2017. Witnesses uploaded the footages on social media which immediately went viral. In these video compilation, you will see a mysterious shiny object floating over the blue skies of Cornwall. It […] More

  • Whang-od tatooing in Kalinga
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    Whang-od: 97-Year-Old Ancient Tattoo Artist Gets Overwhelming Support From the Netizens

    Tattoo is one of the world’s earliest and most pervasive ancient art forms. Many cultures across the globe practice embedding permanent dyes in their bodies for different reasons such as symbols for tribe and social classification, form of punishment, for the purpose of healing or as a mark of rank, power and accomplishments. In Kalinga […] More

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    Food Stains Can Be Beautiful. For This Artist, It’s Just a Matter of Perspective

    When you accidentally spill your food or drink, you might feel the urgency to clean it up right away to avoid stubborn stains or to save your important things from getting wet. However, this Italian fine arts graduate is different. Giulia Bernardelli sees opportunities in food messes as she transforms the stains or drippings into […] More

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    Would You Touch This Poster If You Know That It is HIV Positive?

    HIV education plays a very significant role in the world’s battle to end a terrifying epidemic. However, HIV awareness is not only for the purpose of preventing people from acquiring the virus but for everyone to reduce stigma and discrimination. Launched by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), this brilliant and powerful […] More

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    BREAKING NEWS: Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA

    Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA During a news conference on Monday, September 28, 2015, James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division announced a recent discovery that boosts the odds of life on the red planet. NASA confirms water on Mars Green confirmed, “Mars indeed, 3 billion years ago, had extensive water […] More

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    Watch As This Man Cheats Death on the Most Insane Wingsuit Flight Ever

    Extreme sports are for people who love adventures with high level of inherent danger. It differs with traditional sports in terms of the risks involve due to the number of uncontrollable environmental variables and conditions. A poorly executed activity could result to serious physical harm to the athlete. Wingsuit Flying or wingsuiting is an extreme […] More