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    Watch: The Real Life Popeye & His Incredible, Giant Arms

    In case you don’t remember, Popeye is the cartoon character, who simply downs a tin of spinach and instantly sprouts bulging biceps. Well, meet Jeff Dabe of Stacy. Minnesota. He is an arm wrestler, who was given the nickname Popeye, because of his oversized forearms and hands. This 52-year-old competitive and strong man has huge […] More

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    Here’s a Wet & Wild Pool Party That You Don’t Want Be In

    As summer kicks off, pool parties are one of the events that you don’t want to miss. Once the heat sets in, all you can probably think about is to take a dip in cool water, grab a drink, lounge by the pool and relax. However, this experience can be a lot of fun even […] More

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    Missing Your Childhood? Check Out the World’s Largest Treehouse

    It is every kid’s ultimate dream is to have a treehouse. The idea of playing with other kids outdoor and sharing a little place with a group of friends build closer connection and a sense of adventure. In 1993, Horace Burgess, a local minister in Crossville, Tennessee, claimed to have had a divine vision and […] More

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    Find Out the Secret Behind This Stunning Sky Ladder

    Grandparents are celebrated in different ways in many countries across the globe. Honoring them in the most special way possible is our major obligation to our heritage and our family. I think what makes them the most amazing people in the world is their ability to give us unconditional love and kindness regardless of how […] More

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    This Extraordinary Turkish Couple Shares Their Wedding Day With 4,000 Syrian Refugees

    Throwing a party for a cause is now becoming a trend. Instead of simply receiving personal gifts from your friends, it’s better to raise funds for a good purpose and help the needy. These simple things add more meaning and purpose to the celebration. A Turkish couple from the province of Kilis in the Syrian […] More

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    This Hybrid-Electric Plane is Going to Fill the Skies Soon!

    When you first saw a flying car on TV, you’ve probably wondered when you will be able to see one and began wishing that one day you will finally get to travel with it. Well, your long wait will soon be over. Terrafugia, which means “escape the earth” in Latin, is a Massachusetts-based privately held […] More

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    This Enchanted Tree Produces 40 Different Kinds Of Fruits

    There is a thin line that separates reality and fantasy. But what do you think happens when there’s interplay or interaction between the two? Is it possible for something unthinkable to become familiar? Created by artist and professor at Syracuse University Sam Van Aken, this “Tree of 40 Fruit”, as the name suggests, bears 40 […] More

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    They Ask Today’s Children Their Idea of Fun, Their Responses are Very Disturbing

    Do you remember your own childhood days? Climbing trees, playing hide and seek and watching clouds are just few of the many fun memories that we will always cherish. Time is changing and children nowadays don’t share the same idea of fun. Due to overexposure to electronics and digital technology, kids don’t spend time playing […] More

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    Ever Heard Of a Clothing Store Where You Can’t Buy Anything?! Check This Out

    In Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, there is an apparel company that offers non-traditional shopping experience. When you come and visit their store, you can’t actually leave with anything. Unlike your ordinary shopping destinations, Bonobos is an e-commerce driven business that operates exclusively online. They have “guideshops”, which is basically a showroom for clothing that keeps the […] More