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    This Artist Chooses to Focus His Life On One Thing We All Tend to Neglect

    Can you recall the last time you write something using pen or pencil? In these times when electronics are revolutionizing the way we live particularly the way we write, we find ourselves guilty of neglecting the old-fashioned yet elegant art of penmanship. However, there is this one individual, who chooses to focus his life on […] More

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    Here’s the Tragedy that Made Colorado & New Mexico Declare States Of Emergency

    Home to many species of animals and plants, the clear water of Animas River turned bright yellow on August 5, Wednesday after a crew of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers accidentally released 3 million gallons of waste water from an abandoned mine shaft in Silverton, Colorado. Containing heavy metals including more than 300x times the […] More

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    This Ad Shows How Distracted Driving Can Shatter Lives

    This video features a dangerous driving habit that many people are guilty of but are just too irresponsible to stop doing, engaging with their mobile phones. It also aims to educate the users about the horrifying effects of such selfless and stupid act. There’s a good reason why lawmakers made the use of a mobile […] More

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    Watch This Breathtaking Shark Encounter that Turned 2 Brothers Into Heroes

    Sometimes, swimming with the sharks isn’t a bad thing. Two brothers, Marcus and Logan Lakos, noticed an injured hammerhead shark stranded near the shoreline in Destin, Florida, with fishing hooks attached to its mouth and steel fishing line wrapped around its head. Logan immediately decided to pull the poor marine animal to shore in order […] More

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    This Newly-Discovered Earth-Like Planet May Prove the Existence Of Alien Life Forms

    In March 2009, NASA launched the Kepler Space Telescope with a goal to find habitable planets within the Milky Way. This $600 million planet-hunting mission created a milestone on July 23, 2015, Thursday noon, when they announced the discovery of an alien planet with characteristics that are similar to Earth called Kepler452b. Here are 6 […] More

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    This Father’s Heartbreaking Speech Tells a Great Story Of Love & Perseverance

    Perseverance is a person’s continuous effort to rise from a hard fall, to learn after committing mistakes and to go on living despite the pain. This video features NFL star Devon Still as he accepts the Jimmy V Perseverance Award on behalf of his cancer-stricken daughter, Leah Still. On the night of July 15, 2015, […] More

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    This Innovation Will Make the World More Accessible For the Disabled

    A mind is great only if it has the ability to create positive change. In the summer or 2014, a team of mechanical and electrical engineering students from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Zurich University of Arts gave themselves a 10-month deadline to create the Scalevo electric wheelchair. This prototype uses rubber tank tracks […] More