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    LOOK: Guy’s phone explodes and sets his denim jeans on fire

    Another incident of phone explosion in pocket and setting jeans on fire Fortunately, the guy managed to walk unscathed after phone burnt through his denim jeans And there goes another news about phone exploding inside their own pocket. Who would have thought that mobile phone/s could put people in great danger? There are several incidents […] More

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    ADORABLE: Coleen Garcia wants her 16-year old dog at her wedding

    Coleen Garcia wants participation of her 16-year old dog at her wedding Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford wedding set in 2018 Model and actress, Coleen Garcia is a pet owner and currently owns 7 – 2 cats, 2 big dogs, a Keeshond, and her 2 adorable dogs – Summer and Bambi. #Repost @coleengarcia with @repostapp […] More

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    Construction Worker uses old slippers to sculpt miniature superhero

    Elmer Padilla sculpts superhero miniatures using old slippers A new approach on sculpting superhero miniatures A construction worker has been the talk of town after creating impressive miniature superhero using recycled materials. Filipino artistry takes the center stage in every corners of the world – may it be from the art of cooking, photography, painting, […] More

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    LOOK: First Filipino Ice-Cream Parlour “Mamasons” opens in England

    Omar Shah, owner of ‘Mamasons’ opens first ‘dirty’ ice cream parlour in London Mamasons offers exciting flavors from the Philippines ‘Dirty’ ice cream is inevitably one of the most famous frozen desserts in the Philippines. This home-made version of ice cream is usually sold by street hawkers, with a wooden push cart. In an article […] More