Better Luck Next Year: Star Magic Ball 2017 Attendees Who Made it To Our ‘Worst Dressed’ This Year

The Star Magic Ball for this year turned heads up for the “Best Dressed” individuals and turned heads down to those who made it to the “Worst Dressed” list.

Although all of the attendees surely spent not only hours but days choosing their outfits, make-up, hair, and accessories just to look at their best, some of them were not able to live up to other’s expectations. Also, remember that sometimes, it is not the celebrities’ fault why they were dressed like that since they have stylists and glams team that should be handling these cases.

Here are 5 of the “Worst Dressed” celebrities during the Star Magic Ball 2017. Surely they will do their best next year.

Megan Young in Mark Bumgarner

[Image Credit: meganbata/Instagram]

The Miss World titleholder’s clean makeup, edgy new hairstyle, and accessories were on point except for her dress. The black number clearly did not do justice to her curves and made her look older than she is.

KZ Tandingan in Garimon Roferos

[Image Credit: kztandingan/Instagram]

KZ’s futuristic dress and matching gladiator sandals looked great. However, the feather jacket she used did not make sense to the whole outfit.

Kitkat in Manny Halasan

[Image Credit: favkitkat/Instagram]

The combination of the comedian’s outfit for the night was uncoordinated. Kitkat’s custom-made Ombre black and Gray gown with real Swarovski plus her fire red hair look great when they were not combined.

Kisses Delavin in Francis Libiran

[Image Credit: kissesdelavin/Instagram]

Kisses’ dress looked great from behind but we don’t like the combination of the long sleeves top with the flaunty dress. However, her make-up, hair, and endearing smile clearly made up for it.

Ylona Garcia in Martin Bautista

[Image Credit: metromagph/Instagram]

Ylona rocked her double cat eye make-up but her dress did not do her justice. The young star looked like a walking gift while gracing the red carpet.

We all know that they will surely make a sweet comeback next year. For now, we all hope that their stylists and glam team will do their 300% to make their stars look better next 2018.


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