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Biological Transformation Or Spiritual Mystery? This Man Has Lived For 75 Years Without Food & Water

A wandering holy man from India named Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji, believed he is sustained by Hindu Goddess Amba, who poured “nectar” through a hole in his palate.

At the age of 7, he left his home and underwent a religious experience.  He lives in the jungle as a hermit where he spend most of his days meditating.

In 2010, this 85-year-old man was held in isolation at Sterling Hospital in the western Indian City of Ahmedabad and was closely monitored by Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) for 15 days without eating or drinking a single drop of water. The doctors were left baffled and surprised by the results because the Indian Yogi didn’t pass no urine or stool during his stay.

The team of scientists who observed Mataji believed that his body may have went through a biological or genetic transformation as a result of his spiritual practices.


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Written by Anne Cacherell

Anne Cacherell is a viral buzz maker who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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