British chemist amasses 3.3 million followers on Kuaishou teaching chemistry amidst shutdown

BEIJING, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr David G. Evans, a chemistry teacher who has a PhD from Oxford and foreign professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, recently achieved country-wide fame after posting his lessons online amidst the coronavirus shutdown, garnering over 3.3 million followers.

Dr David G. Evans is demonstrating a chemical reaction to Chinese elementary school students
Dr David G. Evans is demonstrating a chemical reaction to Chinese elementary school students

Enchanting kids and adults alike with useful chemistry tips during this lockdown, Dr Evans shared important information about disinfection, social distancing, and alcohol-based cleaning methods and posted them on Kuaishou. "We need to empower individuals and families to practice social responsibility and take charge of their surroundings. Useful chemistry tips and information will go a long way to keep people calm and feeling secure during this period", he continued.

The idea of shooting and posting short videos was inspired by his assistant. At first, they didn’t expect any audience or followers. "I’m sure nobody will watch our chemical videos", mused Dr Evans when he first started.

To his surprise, his chemistry videos went viral and he currently has 3.3 million followers. He speaks fluent Chinese and uses humorous methods to show many amazing chemical experiment scenes. "The image of an old man in white coat is also well-known and loved by many children", Dr Evan explained.

Based in Beijing, Dr Evans kept active during the shutdown. He used this time to work on his videos and post them on Kuaishou. He was also in China during the SARS outbreak, and has seen firsthand the methods and the results employed by the Chinese people. He said: "China’s methods work out, just like they did during the SARS." He cites this as a motivating factor for producing his videos and informing people.

He hopes that by demonstrating chemistry experiments and getting the students actually doing hands-on experiments, they can inspire the next generation of chemists and kindle an interest in science. "The problems in the future aren’t going to be solved by an old man like me. Future belongs to the young generation; future problems will be solved by the young generation."

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