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    These Cat-Sized Rats are Demining Africa & Detecting Tuberculosis

    Over 50 countries worldwide are contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war that results to thousands of casualties every year. In their mission to develop a technology that would provide solution to this type of problem and inspire positive change, APOPO, a Belgian non-profit organization came up with detection rats. With headquarters in Tanzania […] More

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    This is What Happens When You Confuse Your Chicken Friend with Your New Haircut

    Sometimes, hairstyles can completely change your look. It can transform your aura to make you appear thinner, more sophisticated and younger. This is the reason why this chicken got a little confused when she saw her friend’s fresh haircut. In this video taken by Gretchen Brumley of California, you will see her 8-year old son […] More

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    Watch This Breathtaking Shark Encounter that Turned 2 Brothers Into Heroes

    Sometimes, swimming with the sharks isn’t a bad thing. Two brothers, Marcus and Logan Lakos, noticed an injured hammerhead shark stranded near the shoreline in Destin, Florida, with fishing hooks attached to its mouth and steel fishing line wrapped around its head. Logan immediately decided to pull the poor marine animal to shore in order […] More

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    This Little Girl Refuses to Eat “Chopped Up Animal People”

    Explaining the food pyramid or the order of food chain to kids can sometimes be very challenging. Indie rose, a 5-year-old girl from Dublin, Ireland, captured the netizens’ heart when she was filmed bursting into tears at their dinner table. While helping her dad in preparing dinner, the little girl was horrified when she saw […] More

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    He Was Given the Chance to Reunite with The Gorilla He Took Care of For Five Years. The Gorilla’s Response was Surprising!

    He was ready to give up to never finding the gorilla he had taken care of for several years, but when they were reunited, he was astonished at the response of the gorilla he named “Kwibi.” Back Into the Wild Damian Aspinall, an English conservationist, took care of Kwibi for five years. Then, he made a […] More