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    HOT: Mocha Uson Tells Mariel de Leon to Stop Being Just Pretty

    Bad Blood Blogger and Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson verbally attacked Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon after the latter commented about the recent extrajudicial killings. Growing Number of Extrajudicial Killings The beauty queen recently shared her sentiments regarding the increasing number of drug-related killings in the Philippines. Her reaction was due to the questionable circumstances […] More

  • Whang-od tatooing in Kalinga
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    Whang-od: 97-Year-Old Ancient Tattoo Artist Gets Overwhelming Support From the Netizens

    Tattoo is one of the world’s earliest and most pervasive ancient art forms. Many cultures across the globe practice embedding permanent dyes in their bodies for different reasons such as symbols for tribe and social classification, form of punishment, for the purpose of healing or as a mark of rank, power and accomplishments. In Kalinga […] More

  • 5 Easy Ways To De-clutter Your Home
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    5 Easy Ways To De-clutter Your Home

    A clean & a decent home is the first best thing you would have ever wanted in your life. Stacking up your house with tons of belongings won’t make it decent, rather it will turn your sweet home into a garbage. It is essential to eradicate some unwanted things or furnitures from your house to […] More

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    This Extraordinary Turkish Couple Shares Their Wedding Day With 4,000 Syrian Refugees

    Throwing a party for a cause is now becoming a trend. Instead of simply receiving personal gifts from your friends, it’s better to raise funds for a good purpose and help the needy. These simple things add more meaning and purpose to the celebration. A Turkish couple from the province of Kilis in the Syrian […] More

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    They Ask Today’s Children Their Idea of Fun, Their Responses are Very Disturbing

    Do you remember your own childhood days? Climbing trees, playing hide and seek and watching clouds are just few of the many fun memories that we will always cherish. Time is changing and children nowadays don’t share the same idea of fun. Due to overexposure to electronics and digital technology, kids don’t spend time playing […] More

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    5 Ideas That Can Save Your Wedding Cost

    A wedding is an important event in everyone’s life & to make this occasion successful people always try to plan something extraordinary without even concerning about the money factor. Arranging a gorgeous wedding party can certainly make your budget go exploded & you might even trapped in debt. Here are some ideas that can save […] More

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    6 Ways for an Effective Marriage

    Many marriages realize after the honeymoon that truth sets in very quickly after marriage vow. Everyday role, pressure, and differences can put struggle on a relationship if you just let them to happen. To keep your marriage at best, maintain these 5 tips on your mind and apply them regularly for the triumph and success […] More

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    5 Bizarre Superstitions of Japanese People

    Many societies have superstitions which might range from logical to downright absurd. For example, a black cat or crow is often associated with evil and possibly death on some societies. Asia is home to diverse cultures. One of its most developed civilizations is Japan. However, the country’s rich and diverse culture also holds some of […] More

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    Everyone Thought These Stone Heads Are Fantastic But Wait Till You See What Was Recently Discovered in Easter Island

    The Easter Island Moai: What Lies Beneath Everyone’s familiar with the Easter Island heads—from postcards to movies, these huge stone heads in the Pacific have become ubiquitous in pop culture, synonymous with tropical paradise and a getaway that is a completely different world from the daily grind of commuter stress and white collar work. Wikimedia […] More