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    Vicki Belo’s Ex-Husband, Atom Henares, Attended Her Wedding of the Year! Earned Praises from Netizens

    The recent wedding of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho is considered the wedding of the year. Atom Henares earned the praises of netizens after attended the wedding. Even after their annulment, the former couple remained as close friends. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s wedding was a fairytale come true. From the long list of guests, […] More

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    Pinay OFW from Dubai Who is 9 Months in Coma Miraculously Woke Up

    Perlie Almonte was found unconscious in the bathroom of her house. She was diagnosed with intracerebral hemorrhage that caused her brain tissues to bleed. Miraculously, she woke up after 9 months in coma Miracles happen. It can happen anytime, any day, anywhere. This happened to an overseas Filipino worker who was already in a 9-month coma […] More

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    Tearful Reunion: Ram-ram in ‘Anak Ko’y ISIS’ Reunited With his Mother

    Ram-ram has been kidnapped seven years ago. Rowhanisa and her family searched for her missing son non-stop. A netizen sent her a message with a young Maute child warrior’s photo resembling Ram-ram. Seven years ago, Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar’s only son, Ram-ram, was taken by unknown suspects. Just recently, someone sent her a message implying that […] More

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    A Dying Son Overhears He Can Help His Mother and He is Determined to Save Her Life

    Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor while his mother discovered that she had a kidney disease. Doctors revealed that Chen cannot survive and his mother needs immediately kidney transplant. The boy decided to save the life of his mother by sacrificing his life. The Diagnosis When a little boy from China was […] More

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    In a Heart Beat: Girl Requests a Grab Ride and the Driver Turns Out to be her Long Lost Father

    Salma Zuhara booked a ride using GrabBike and incidentally, the driver is her long-lost father. They haven’t met for 10 years after her parents’ divorce. The father gave her his number to keep in touch. By Chance or Destiny? Can you imagine meeting a long-lost relative using a ride-sharing app? Would you think that is […] More

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    WATCH: In a Heartbeat – An Animated Short Film That Explores Young Love Between Two Boys

    The project started as a Kickstarter campaign to provide resources for Beth David’s and Esteban Bravo’s creative vision. The two students wanted to create a short film for their senior thesis depicting young love or first childhood crush but they ended up telling the tale in a different and mind blowing way. This 2017 computer-animated […] More

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    Teaching Gone Wrong: Kindergarten Teacher Slapped Student for Answering Incorrectly

    Is This the Right Way? Teachers serve as the foundation of students. They are their second parents away from their first homes. What will happen if it is the teacher who starts to ruin the child’s dreams of being successful in the future? Disciplining the Student This is exactly what is happening to a student […] More

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    Would You Touch This Poster If You Know That It is HIV Positive?

    HIV education plays a very significant role in the world’s battle to end a terrifying epidemic. However, HIV awareness is not only for the purpose of preventing people from acquiring the virus but for everyone to reduce stigma and discrimination. Launched by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), this brilliant and powerful […] More

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    These Disturbing Photos Capture the Cost of War & Violence

    The fighting may have stopped but for some service men, their battles never end, for each and every day, they are paying the human cost of war and violence. This is clearly depicted in the works of David Jay titled The Unknown Soldier. In this series, the photographer captures disturbing yet remarkable images of severely […] More