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    “Dancing Tindera” of Cebu Levels Up With the Best Despacito Dance Cover Ever

    Are you tired of doing all the “pa-cute” moves but your crush still doesn’t seem to notice you? Oh! Don’t give up yet. You probably think that you’ve done everything but you’re wrong. I bet you haven’t tried this one yet. Netizens, prepared to get schooled by this 20-year old “tindera” from Cebu. Mary Rose […] More

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    We Can’t Stop Laughing At These Funny Sports Fails

    Joining in any type of sports activity can be sometimes rewarding, especially when you are doing right and if you are constantly winning. However, no matter how we aim to reach our goal, we sometimes fail and it fails big time! These funny sports fails are mostly found on youtube but here are some of […] More

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    How This Cat Used Up 1 of Her 9 Lives

    This hilarious video features a stowaway cat that gives a pilot a shock of his life. While hundreds of feet in the air in the skies of Kourou, French Guiana, pilot Romain Jantot realized that he had a cat on-board. His reaction was priceless. It was a terrifying experience for the pilot and the kitty […] More

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    Should Math Be Taught in Schools? Beauty Pageant Contestants Answer

    A beauty pageant is a competition that focuses on judging the physical attributes, personality, intelligence and talent of the candidates. Some beauty contests include personal interviews to determine the individual’s confidence and way of thinking. Unfortunately, not all women who join these types of competitions are articulate and “prepared” to answer certain questions that have […] More

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    This Little Girl Steals the Show With Her Own Dance Routine, Audience Can’t Help But Laugh

    Tap dancing is a great activity for kids. It helps improve their energy, flexibility and coordination. However, this is what happens when a child gets bored in the routine and adorably finds her own rhythm with her own hand movements and booty shakes. This charming video features an animated toddler, identified as Jordyn, dancing to […] More

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    This is What Happens When You Confuse Your Chicken Friend with Your New Haircut

    Sometimes, hairstyles can completely change your look. It can transform your aura to make you appear thinner, more sophisticated and younger. This is the reason why this chicken got a little confused when she saw her friend’s fresh haircut. In this video taken by Gretchen Brumley of California, you will see her 8-year old son […] More

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    Tired Of the Mediocrities in This World? Check Out This Theme Park With a Dark Twist

    Have you ever heard of a family theme park that is highly unsuitable for children? Putting a sinister twist on Disneyland is the notorious street artist Banksy. Constructed on an abandoned seaside resort town in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England is a nightmare-inspired temporary art project called “Dismaland.” This theme park attraction offers an alternative to […] More

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    6 Habits that Genuinely Older than You

    Aging doesn’t stop, this is the only thing that you can’t stop from happening; but, do you even think that there are some habits that are older than you? These habits might be done by your grandmas or grandpas. Some people won’t believe but “Truth Hurts” yes we are aging.   1. You Love Reality […] More

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    5 Strange US City Names

    Every town or city has its attraction be it a building or surrounding environment. While this applies to most towns and cities in the US, there are a handful of cities which are known not for their landmarks but for their weird names. Here are 5 US cities whose names are nothing but perplexing.   […] More

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    WATCH: Why This Funny Performance of “Crazy Duo” in “It’s Showtime” Became Trending?

    Just recently, Ryan Rems Sarita went viral because of his funny performances in one of the segments of “It’s Showtime” in ABS-CBN. But, Crazy Duo — a tandem who came from Cebu and a contestant in the “Funny One” segment — is also making a buzz on the social media. This is due to their latest performance in […] More