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    5 Ironclad Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a More Genuine Friend

    Building real friendship when people are all focused on “having a friend” than “being one” can be really frustrating. For the many, it’s almost impossible to talk about this subject without them thinking about their real motives and what possible benefits they can actually get from it. It is sad how the word “friend” has been devalued and used as a meaningless […] More

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    Struggling UST Graduate Returns Bag with P34,000

    Money is Not Everything A struggling chemical engineering graduate from the University of Santo Tomas badly needed P500 to pay for his Transcript of Records when he found a bag containing an amount of P34,000. When he was about to pay for his university records, a requirement for board exams by the Professional Regulation Commission, […] More

  • Kerneil Baranda Balaga teaching Street Kids photo credit ABS-CBN News
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    A Full Time Young Educator Spends Time on the Streets… Learn What He is doing.

    Learn why this young teacher in Cagayan de Oro is an internet hit! In Cagayan de Oro, a city situated in the south of the Philippines, a young teacher named Kerneil Baranda Balaga has received praises after a photo of him teaching street kids became viral. An Instagram user Cath Libarnes-Bagayna (@thatdarncath) shared a photo […] More

  • Inspiring story of Jay Torres Solitana photo from Jay Solitana's Facebook account

    10 Years and Now I’m Graduating: The Story of a Poor Working Student who Persevered

    After 10 Years in College, Working Student-Son of Driver and House Helper Will Finally Graduate Want an inspiring story of determination and perseverance? Here is Jay Torres Solitana, a student of the University of the Philippines – Diliman (UP Diliman), who, like so many students of poor families in the country, never said no to […] More

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    Part of Their Work is to Provide Dignity to People Who are Approaching the End of Their Days

    Writing a job description or defining the family caregivers’ role in a day-to-day basis is complicated. The task is so intimate that it requires more than good physical condition but most importantly, compassion, patience and love. This short film posted by the Los Angeles Times titled “Lessons in Caregiving” highlights a woman’s story as she […] More

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    6 Reasons Why Women Avoid Dating You

    You are single but not by choice. You are spending time and effort looking for love and you’re wondering why it seems so hard to get. Here’s the thing, before you come up with conclusions, it would be best to do an honest assessment of yourself first. Examining and evaluating your own personality will help […] More

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    She Mixed Different Voices & Languages to Produce a Unifying Music of Love & Humanity

    938 people, 27 languages and 1 song. “We Are Love” is a special project created by Grammy award winning musician Laura Sullivan. In this video, she collaborated with people of all ages, from across the world to create global connection through music. Her husband, Eric Sullivan and Eepybird Studios did the final video edit which […] More

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    This Young Artist Finds a Way to Defend Her Sister With Down Syndrome From Bullies

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that happens before birth and affects the child’s physical traits and intellectual abilities. People living in this spectrum experience difficulties in communicating themselves, understanding instructions and focusing their attention. Therefore, it is best to always be careful in what you say to them and try to be really patient […] More