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    In a Heart Beat: Girl Requests a Grab Ride and the Driver Turns Out to be her Long Lost Father

    Salma Zuhara booked a ride using GrabBike and incidentally, the driver is her long-lost father. They haven’t met for 10 years after her parents’ divorce. The father gave her his number to keep in touch. By Chance or Destiny? Can you imagine meeting a long-lost relative using a ride-sharing app? Would you think that is […] More

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    Wil Dasovich shares his Chances of Survival

    As you may already know, Wil Dasovich recently announced that he is currently in the US for series of Medical tests. A few days ago, Wil shocked the netizens with his new VLOG sharing that he was diagnosed with Cancer.  The video is definitely not my favorite among all he uploaded in his Youtube Channel, […] More

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    WATCH: In a Heartbeat – An Animated Short Film That Explores Young Love Between Two Boys

    The project started as a Kickstarter campaign to provide resources for Beth David’s and Esteban Bravo’s creative vision. The two students wanted to create a short film for their senior thesis depicting young love or first childhood crush but they ended up telling the tale in a different and mind blowing way. This 2017 computer-animated […] More

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    Give Yourself A Break, 7 Signs It’s Check-Out Time

    When you experience a connection problem in your home network, the first impulse of any individual who uses her common sense is to run a diagnostics. You check if everything is in place. Similar things happen in your relationship. Sometimes, it comes to a certain point when you feel that love is gone yet you […] More

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    Pleading for Help: Will Kian Delos Santos’ Family Get the Justice They Need?

    A Case of Mistaken Identity? Last Wednesday, a teenager named Kian Lloyd Delos Santos was killed in a One Time Big Time operation called Oplan Galugad. This operation was conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Barangay 160 in Caloocan City. Based on the report released by the Caloocan Police District, the seventeen-year-old student […] More

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    5 Ironclad Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a More Genuine Friend

    Building real friendship when people are all focused on “having a friend” than “being one” can be really frustrating. For the many, it’s almost impossible to talk about this subject without them thinking about their real motives and what possible benefits they can actually get from it. It is sad how the word “friend” has been devalued and used as a meaningless […] More

  • Whang-od tatooing in Kalinga
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    Whang-od: 97-Year-Old Ancient Tattoo Artist Gets Overwhelming Support From the Netizens

    Tattoo is one of the world’s earliest and most pervasive ancient art forms. Many cultures across the globe practice embedding permanent dyes in their bodies for different reasons such as symbols for tribe and social classification, form of punishment, for the purpose of healing or as a mark of rank, power and accomplishments. In Kalinga […] More

  • 5 Easy Ways To De-clutter Your Home
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    5 Easy Ways To De-clutter Your Home

    A clean & a decent home is the first best thing you would have ever wanted in your life. Stacking up your house with tons of belongings won’t make it decent, rather it will turn your sweet home into a garbage. It is essential to eradicate some unwanted things or furnitures from your house to […] More

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    “Dancing Tindera” of Cebu Levels Up With the Best Despacito Dance Cover Ever

    Are you tired of doing all the “pa-cute” moves but your crush still doesn’t seem to notice you? Oh! Don’t give up yet. You probably think that you’ve done everything but you’re wrong. I bet you haven’t tried this one yet. Netizens, prepared to get schooled by this 20-year old “tindera” from Cebu. Mary Rose […] More