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    Watch As This Man Cheats Death on the Most Insane Wingsuit Flight Ever

    Extreme sports are for people who love adventures with high level of inherent danger. It differs with traditional sports in terms of the risks involve due to the number of uncontrollable environmental variables and conditions. A poorly executed activity could result to serious physical harm to the athlete. Wingsuit Flying or wingsuiting is an extreme […] More

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    Looking for an Escape From the Real World? Check Out These Clever Photo Mashups

    To appreciate the absurdly surreal is to embrace it as it is. Art director and professional photographer Stephen McMennamy merges two simple photos and arranges them seamlessly to create dreamlike and imaginative series of new scenes and unexpected situations called ComboPhotos. Aside from the simple backgrounds, he also uses camera drone to make more interesting […] More

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    These Disturbing Photos Capture the Cost of War & Violence

    The fighting may have stopped but for some service men, their battles never end, for each and every day, they are paying the human cost of war and violence. This is clearly depicted in the works of David Jay titled The Unknown Soldier. In this series, the photographer captures disturbing yet remarkable images of severely […] More

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    Watch How This Pinay Talent’s “Shakira” Moves Receive 4 Big Yeses From the Judges

    Reality TV music competition X-Factor (UK) has showcased a lot of aspiring singers from all over the world including Filipino talents. Recently, a 35-year-old Filipina care home assistant from Manchester invades the stage, declares her love for Simon and entertains the audience with her “Shakira” moves. Meet Jenesa Gill, the 35-year-old Filipino talent who won […] More

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    She Mixed Different Voices & Languages to Produce a Unifying Music of Love & Humanity

    938 people, 27 languages and 1 song. “We Are Love” is a special project created by Grammy award winning musician Laura Sullivan. In this video, she collaborated with people of all ages, from across the world to create global connection through music. Her husband, Eric Sullivan and Eepybird Studios did the final video edit which […] More

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    Here’s a Minty Fresh Approach to Create Astounding Celebrity Portraits

    Some people develop a strange addiction of eating toothpaste especially kids. Well, with all the flavors available out there like fruity, bubble gum, candy and minty fresh, you can’t really blame these children. However, this artist from Mexico uses toothpaste for a different purpose. Meet Cristiam Ramos, the painter who uses toothpaste to create astounding […] More

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    This Young Artist Finds a Way to Defend Her Sister With Down Syndrome From Bullies

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that happens before birth and affects the child’s physical traits and intellectual abilities. People living in this spectrum experience difficulties in communicating themselves, understanding instructions and focusing their attention. Therefore, it is best to always be careful in what you say to them and try to be really patient […] More

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    This Former America’s Next Top Model Contestant is Changing the Face Of Fashion

    She grew up being called Zebra because of her skin condition. She’s neither black nor white but she’s original and that’s what made her a star. Changing the face of fashion just by coming out in the open and showing off her skin is Chantelle Brown-Young, professionally known as Winnie Harlow. She is a Canadian […] More

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    This Daredevil’s Crazy Jump is the New High-Dive World Record

    There are certain people who love to take risks and live for excitement. They despise boredom and predictability and they defy logic and reasoning if there need be just to feel the need for speed, adrenaline rush and the thrill of doing the extremes. We call them daredevils. Meet Brazilian-Swiss extreme athlete Laso Schaller, the […] More

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    Tired Of the Mediocrities in This World? Check Out This Theme Park With a Dark Twist

    Have you ever heard of a family theme park that is highly unsuitable for children? Putting a sinister twist on Disneyland is the notorious street artist Banksy. Constructed on an abandoned seaside resort town in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England is a nightmare-inspired temporary art project called “Dismaland.” This theme park attraction offers an alternative to […] More