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    6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Fukushima, Japan

    After a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, 6.2 magnitude strikes Fukushima,Japan USGS reported a 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Fukushima According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), a 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off Japanese coast near Fukushima, Japan, at 2:37 a.m,  Tokyo Time on September 21. USGS, the American scientific agency which tracks natural disasters […] More

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    LOOK: Man’s Apartment is Haunted and He is Documenting It

    Adam Ellis believed that something is in his apartment. He calls the “thing” as Dear David. From dreams to videos, Dear David is haunting Adam Ellis. If you feel that something is watching you, most probably because someone is. That is what Adam Ellis experienced in his apartment. The Unseen Thing This is something that […] More

  • Employer Nurul Baker spotted her maid in Singapore acting bizarrely

    WATCH: Video Of “Possessed” Housemaid Sends Goosebumps To Scared Viewers

    Seen on footage; housemaid fake possession? The employer got the best scare of her life swears her maid was haunted by some evil spirits. You would think that installing surveillance cameras always brings positive result but that’s not always the case. When employer Nurul Baker noticed her maid acting strange last March, she immediately watched […] More