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  • OPPO A57 now with Globe Postpaid Plan 999

    Enjoy Non-Stop Selfies and Surfing with the OPPO A57 Together with Globe Postpaid Plan 999

    Take unstoppable selfies and stay connected while still staying within your budget with OPPO and Globe There are now more reasons to switch to Globe Postpaid. Globe Telecom, together with OPPO Philippines, are now offering the OPPO A57 selfie-centric smartphone for its Plan 999. With just a one-time cash-out of P500, you will get a […] More

  • New iPhone X
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    Top 10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X

    10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X! Recently, Apple is one of the trending topics online after it released the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8. Many people were shookt by the price of iPhone X, which is truly shocking especially for budget-conscious customers. If you are an iPhone user ever since iPhones became a […] More

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    LOOK: Guy’s phone explodes and sets his denim jeans on fire

    Another incident of phone explosion in pocket and setting jeans on fire Fortunately, the guy managed to walk unscathed after phone burnt through his denim jeans And there goes another news about phone exploding inside their own pocket. Who would have thought that mobile phone/s could put people in great danger? There are several incidents […] More

  • iPhone X
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    Apple Unveils iPhone X: Face ID, Water and Dust Resistant, Wireless Charging Support, Super Retina Display, and More

    Apple has taken the wraps off its newest smartphone, the iPhone X, tagged “the future of the smartphone.” This new phone packs nifty features, including Face ID, wireless charging capability, Super Retina Display, and more. Read more below. Apple finally took the wraps off on Sept. 12 its hotly anticipated smartphone, the iPhone X, which […] More

  • HEOS by DenonPH

    Learn the Evolution of Sound System with HEOS

    Audio Brand Heos now in the Philippines Beyond Innovations Hosts HEOS Sound System Welcome Party Beyond Innovations, top Audio-Video and smart home system technology solutions company which started in the year 2000 in the Philippines greets the Heos family by Denon with open arms in an event at Cities Events Place where executives from both […] More

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    BREAKING NEWS: Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA

    Water on Mars, Confirmed By NASA During a news conference on Monday, September 28, 2015, James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division announced a recent discovery that boosts the odds of life on the red planet. NASA confirms water on Mars Green confirmed, “Mars indeed, 3 billion years ago, had extensive water […] More

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    If You Hate Utility Bills, These Solar Pods are For You

    Do you want to live off-the-grid and far from the pressures of the modern world? Here’s a good news for you. Bratislava-based Nice Architects designed an egg-shaped, wind and solar powered portable home called Ecocapsule. It offers an extraordinary dwelling experience and is suitable for wide range of functions such as an independent research station, […] More

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    These Cat-Sized Rats are Demining Africa & Detecting Tuberculosis

    Over 50 countries worldwide are contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war that results to thousands of casualties every year. In their mission to develop a technology that would provide solution to this type of problem and inspire positive change, APOPO, a Belgian non-profit organization came up with detection rats. With headquarters in Tanzania […] More

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    What Happens When Roads are Covered With Solar Panels? Check This Out!

    The rapid pace of technological development transforms human lives into something that was once unimaginable. Nearly all gadgets have advanced computer operating systems, from smart phones to smart TVs and now… smart roadways?! Developed by The Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research, together with Imtech, Ooms Civiel and the Province of North Holland, SolaRoad is […] More