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    Get A Better Night’s Rest By Avoiding These 5 Habits That Deprive You Of Beauty Sleep

      To be able to address our sleeping troubles, you must first find out and understand the things/habits that are causing the interruptions. In this article, I have provided 5 lifestyle-specific workarounds to help you overcome your sleeping difficulties. It feels so good to wake up in the morning fully energized and ready to face […] More

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    Construction Worker uses old slippers to sculpt miniature superhero

    Elmer Padilla sculpts superhero miniatures using old slippers A new approach on sculpting superhero miniatures A construction worker has been the talk of town after creating impressive miniature superhero using recycled materials. Filipino artistry takes the center stage in every corners of the world – may it be from the art of cooking, photography, painting, […] More

  • Globe Rewards 2017



    How to Redeem Globe Rewards? Here are the codes you can use….

    List of Globe Rewards Items and Equivalent Points Required to Redeem In this post, we listed all the codes that Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can use to redeem items and services using the points they earned. If you have earned enough points, you can redeem anytime by texting REDEEM<space>ITEM CODE to 4438 (example: REDEEM GOSURF30). If […] More

  • September 2017 Forester board exam results

    BOARD EXAM RESULTS: September 2017 Forester Board Exam Full List of Passers

    Looking for the September 2017 Forester Board Exam Results? In this post, we gathered the complete list of passers, top 10 passers and top performing Schools for this year. According to the official Board Exam Results released by PRC, 721 out of 1,482 passed the Forester Licensure Examination. The Forester Board examination was facilitated by […] More

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    LOOK: Is This Marlou Arizala After His Plastic Surgery? Xander Ford Answered Everything!

    A week after his plastic surgery, netizens cannot wait to see how Marlou will look like. Pictures are surfacing online claiming that it’s Marlou post-surgery. Thru his official Facebook page, the former boy band member clarified everything. The former Hasht5 member and social media sensation Marlou Arizala was allegedly spotted by a netizen after his […] More

  • Philippines Commission on Human Rights

    Commission on Human Rights Get Php1,000.00 budget From The PH House Of Representatives

    CHR given Php1,000.00 budget for 2018 from the House of Representatives Php1,000 budget might mean the abolition of CHR The Commission on Human Rights was given a Php1,000.00 budget next year. The lawmakers have been frustrated with the CHR’s performance; the reason why they were given a budget which can be considered useless for how […] More

  • Maria Sofia Love is facing a Possible Persona Non Grata for Insulting the Philippine National Anthem

    After Insulting The Philippine National Anthem, Maria Sofia Love’s Passport Faces Possible Cancellation

    Maria Sofia Sanchez aka Maria Sofia Love insults the National Anthem of the Philippines National Historical Commission of the Philippines files petition for the cancellation of the passport of Maria Sofia Love Maria Sofia Love is an online star who had become popular on the net because of the catchy taglines on the videos that […] More

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