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    HOT: Helicopter of Bataan Governor and town mayor makes emergency landing

    2 government officials made an emergency landing in a farm in Balanga due to engine malfunction Town mayor Inton is said to have piloted the helicopter A helicopter carrying two government officials made an emergency landing in a farm in Balanga, Bataan. In a news written by Inquirer on September 22, Friday, Bataan Gov. Albert […] More

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    LOOK: Out with the Old Marlou Arizala, In with New Xander Ford: New Face Revealed in Rated K

    Marlou underwent plastic surgery not only to enhance his looks but to boost his confidence. Other than his facial enhancement, the New Xander Ford also underwent a series of makeovers. It is already the second week after his surgery and people cannot wait to see the new Xander Ford. After the pictures of Marlou Arizala […] More

  • September 2017 Top Performing Medical Schools in the Philippines

    2017 Top Performing Medical Schools: September 2017 Physician, Medicine Board Exam

    September 2017 Top Performing Medical Schools in the Philippines The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) officially released the list of September 2017 Physician, Medicine Board Exam results and list of Top Performing Medical Schools on Friday, September 22, 2017. In this particular Medical Board Exam, 3,340 out of 4,064 (82.19%) passed the board exam administered by the […] More

  • September 2017 Physician Licensure Exam Results

    OFFICIAL RESULTS: September 2017 Physician, Medicine Board Exam List of Passers

    University of Santo Tomas (UST) graduate tops September 2017 Physician board exam. 3,340 out of 4,064 passed the Physician Licensure Examination given by the PRC Board of Medicine. Congratulations to our new Doctors! The list of Physician, Medicine Board Exam Passers was finally released by the Professional Regulation Commission and we now have the official […] More

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    Who is Saying the Truth: President Duterte versus Senator Trillanes

    Before the election, Senator Trillanes accused Duterte of not declaring his bank accounts in BPI-Julia Vargas Avenue branch. The then-mayor confirmed that he did not declare the said bank accounts since he already spent the funds there. Senator Trillanes is now accusing the President of charging him with the alleged bank accounts to divert the […] More

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    MUST READ: Are Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao finally a couple?

    Nico Bolzico has spilled the beans Nico had tagged Wil and Alodia as the ‘new official couple’. We know you’re reading this because admit it – it’s either you’re a Wilodia shippers – or you just love them individually. Obviously, Nico is spreading some good vibes with her pranking skills and creating some witty banters. […] More

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    IN PHOTOS: Citizens and Cosplayers Showed Their Support to the National Day of Protest

    September 21 is held as the “National Day of Protest” where Pro and Anti-Duterte rallyists gather around Manila.  Local government groups, militant groups, professionals, students, and workers gather to show their support. Netizens also showed their support online. Pro and Anti-Duterte rallying gathered in the Philippines’ capital, Manila, to express their sentiments about different issues […] More

  • Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

    2018 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Schedule And Ticket Prices

    Philippine International Pyromusical Competition to start on February 13, 2018. Ticket prices are; Silver: P100, Gold: P300, VIP: 600, Patron with dinner: P1,500. The Philippines International Pyromusical Competition used to be known as World Pyro Olympics is a once a year competition between makers of excellent fireworks from numerous countries worldwide. The contest runs for […] More

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    Get A Better Night’s Rest By Avoiding These 5 Habits That Deprive You Of Beauty Sleep

      To be able to address our sleeping troubles, you must first find out and understand the things/habits that are causing the interruptions. In this article, I have provided 5 lifestyle-specific workarounds to help you overcome your sleeping difficulties. It feels so good to wake up in the morning fully energized and ready to face […] More

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    Construction Worker uses old slippers to sculpt miniature superhero

    Elmer Padilla sculpts superhero miniatures using old slippers A new approach on sculpting superhero miniatures A construction worker has been the talk of town after creating impressive miniature superhero using recycled materials. Filipino artistry takes the center stage in every corners of the world – may it be from the art of cooking, photography, painting, […] More

  • Globe Rewards 2017

    How to Redeem Globe Rewards? Here are the codes you can use….

    List of Globe Rewards Items and Equivalent Points Required to Redeem In this post, we listed all the codes that Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can use to redeem items and services using the points they earned. If you have earned enough points, you can redeem anytime by texting REDEEM<space>ITEM CODE to 4438 (example: REDEEM GOSURF30). If […] More