Celebrities Have Expressed Support For Kathryn Bernardo After Xander Ford’s Alleged “Sakang” Body Shaming

Kathryn Bernardo Gets Support From Fellow Celebrities After Alleged Shaming Issue

Xander Ford and Kathryn Bernardo
Xander Ford and Kathryn Bernardo

  • Celebrities have given support to Kathryn Bernardo after the alleged “Sakang” body shaming issue with Xander Ford
  • Xander Ford hits the headlines again after alleged body shaming issue with Kathryn Bernardo

Xander Ford’s alleged video calling Kathryn Bernardo “sakang” became viral on the net. Fans of Kathryn Bernardo and the netizens expressed disappointment and started bashing Xander Ford after he allegedly body shamed the actress.

Xander had already posted an apology and denied the allegations claiming that he is the one in the controversial video. He further said that his face was never shown and it could have been just about anyone who had a voice which was the same with his. He said that people were just trying to put him down because of his sudden rose to fame now.

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The fans of KathNiel were not the only ones who got disappointed and angry with the video but other celebrities as well. Some celebrities have actually reacted and expressed support to their idol, the teen queen.

Diego Loyzaga said that Marlou had made a big mistake, suggesting that he should undergo surgical enhancements all over again so that the people will not recognize him anymore.

In a series of tweets, John Manalo said that Marlou isn’t aware of the meaning of true beauty and further emphasizing that he does not intend to bash Marlou but since he had shamed a friend, he is left with no choice.

Former PBB housemate, Pamu Pamorada, gave an advice to Marlou; that for someone to become a gorgeous gentleman, it’s not only the physical appearance that has to be changed but more importantly, the manners.

Another PBB housemate, Karen Reyes, tweeted the post of Marlou again then sarcastically said that he can bag the “best actor” award.

According to Maris Rascal, she was only trying to hold herself while conducting her interview with Marlou.

Xander Ford and Kathryn Bernardo
Xander Ford and Kathryn Bernardo – Did Xander really call Kathryn Sakang?

Star Image Artist Management, Marlou’s management had already publicized their official statement about the issue; it was just another person who has a similar voice with Marlou.


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