Celebrity Chef and CNN Host Anthony Bourdain Found Lifeless In An Apparent Suicide

Anthony Bourdain was found lifeless in his hotel room due to apparent suicide. [Image Credit: Anthony Bourdain / Facebook]

  • Celebrity Chef, TV Personality, Food Writer, and CNN Host Anthony Bourdain was found lifeless.

  • Police and authorities marked his death as a suicide.

  • Chefs, TV and movie personalities, and US President Trump expressed their condolences to the family.

The TV celebrity and food writer who is known as the host of CNN’s Parts Unknown was found lifeless in his hotel room in France while he was working on his series about culinary traditions. The TV personality was 61.

In a report of CNN, Bourdain was found unresponsive last Friday morning by his friend and chef Eric Ripert near Strasbourg. Authorities ruled out the cause of his death as a suicide. According to police sources who told French news agency AFP, the cause of his death was hanging.

Chef Ripert declined to make any comment.

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain is one of the most popular celebrity chefs, authors, and hosts in the world. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Bourdain was staying at the 5-star hotel Le Chambard in the village of Kayserberg.

Anthony Bourdain achieved his celebrity status after publishing his best-selling Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. His book became a sensation due to the combination of the frank details about his life and career and the behind the scenes observations on the culinary industry. This book was a rare crossover — it was made for professional cooks but it had an enormous mass appeal.

Bourdain went on to achieve more popularity thanks to the CNN Series Parts Unknown. He was also filming an upcoming segment for his program before he was found lifeless in his hotel room.

Anthony Bourdain
People know him because of his straightforward attitude. [Image Credit: Fort Greene Focus / flickr]
Meanwhile, CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker sent a note to one of his staff saying that the circumstances of Jeff’s death was still unclear.

Tony was an exceptional talent. A storyteller. A gifted writer. A world traveler. An adventurer. He brought something to CNN that no one else had ever brought before. This is a very, very sad day.

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony was shooting a new segment before his passing. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Celebrity chefs, fans, and even US President Donald Trump were among those who were stunned and saddened by the sad news.

During his travels, Bourdain has eaten everything, from sheep testicles and rotten sharks. Fans loved his straightforward and no-nonsense attitude.


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