Chef Nicco Santos cooks up his formula for success

Chef Nikko Santos at work
Chef Nikko Santos at work

MANILA, Philippines – Nicco Santos has indeed redefined what it means to be a chef and a restaurateur today. His seemingly unorthodox path to success proved how passion and determination can take you places.

Chef Nikko Santos at work
Chef Nikko Santos at work

Even with his experience being trained in a culinary school, Nicco never got to work for any other restaurant apart from those he currently owns, but instead, got his needed training under home cooks. His exposure in Singapore cooking was what pinned his curiosity further, specifically after getting a taste of the famous chicken rice. Because of his willingness to learn, he eventually got cooking lessons that expanded his knowledge on Asian cuisine.

Nicco took the learnings to his mind and heart, and upon his return to his homeland, he opened Your Local and two years later, Hey, Handsome with his business partners. His restaurants have made a name for themselves for serving food that can be enjoyed by the family.

“Food for me is love. Food for me is family. Food is bringing people together – cooking from a context that everybody matters. Food for me is sustainability,” says Nicco.

Nicco’s drive and mindset, stemming from his love for the culinary arts, make him a perfect fit to be one of the new faces of Ford Philippines’ Creative BLK campaign. The campaign showcases how Nicco is able to overcome his own ‘creative block’ to concoct his signature dishes to give his customers a taste of his culinary journey in his own creative way.

“As an artist and creative chef, I always experience creative blocks. Usually, when I experience a creative block, the best way to get through is to get away. Driving is a positive response for me. It clears my mind and inspires creativity,” Nicco adds. “For me, one of the fastest and most inspiring things that help me get through a block is to just visit Gejo’s farm in Malipayon.”

Chef Nikko Santos
Chef Nikko Santos

Creative BLK: Helping Millennials discover their true potential

The Creative BLK (“creative block”) campaign is focused on taking creative millennials to where they’ll be more in-sync with their passions. It is Ford’s way of connecting with today’s Filipino youth with powerful visual storytelling through a series of videos that showcase how the Ford EcoSport can take millennials to their own Creative BLK, referring to any place where they can be inspired to pursue and live their creative passions and interests. Creative BLK will feature Filipino millennials who are making waves in music, photography, and the culinary arts.

The EcoSport has increasingly caught the eye of the Filipino millennial with its sporty look and practical features and capabilities, perfect for an urban driving experience.

“The Creative BLK campaign is a breakthrough in our storytelling efforts as we partner with creative, talented and inspiring minds who resonate with the Filipino youth with their passion and drive to succeed. Chef Nicco Santos’ story is definitely very inspiring and engaging. His hard work that has brought him to where he is now as one of today’s most renowned chefs and entrepreneurs is truly worth emulating,” shares Rodel Gallega, vice president, Marketing and Sales, Ford Philippines.

“Other than creating good food and amazing dishes, what drives me is that if I always have a way, to help someone or to make a difference with someone, then I will keep doing what I do,” shares Nicco.

Watch how Nicco overcomes his own creative block with the Ford EcoSport by visiting

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