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Clever Tips to Live Longer From People Who Have Lived Over 100 Years Old

  • Centenarians from different parts of the globe share their secrets for reaching more than 100 years.
  • Among their secrets include getting plenty of sleep, being generous to other people, being nice to them, and more.
  • Read more below.

It cannot be denied that a lot of people wish to live a long life.

Experts suggest that you need to have a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods and exercising, to live longer.

In this article, we are going to reveal some longevity tricks according to people who have lived more than 100 years. Read on.

Be nice to other people

Gertrude Weaver, who have lived to 116, revealed her secret for reaching more than 100 years: being nice to other people and treating them right.

Get a lot of sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is also among the tricks for a long life, Weaver told TIME back in 2014.

Abstinence from alcohol

New Yorker Alexander Imich, who lived to 111, told NBC New York in 2014 that the secret to his longevity is abstinence from alcohol. He also said that he participated in gymnastics and he loved swimming. Moreover, he revealed that his diet included fish and chicken.

Generosity and love of family

Susannah Mushatt, who died at the age of 116, was deemed the oldest person way back 2016. Susannah’s family revealed that her generosity to other people and love of family are among her secrets for having a long life.

Practice Pilates and do not look at the calendar

Ruth Coben, who lived to 103, told Advanced Style that her longevity trick is not to look at the calendar. Rather, she said that anyone should need to celebrate every day of their life. She went on to say that practicing Pilates plus lifting weights also contributed to her longevity.


Apart from having eight hours of sleep each night, one needs to relax in order for them to live over 100 years old, according to Misao Okawa from Japan. He lived to 117 years old. Moreover, UK’s Mirror said that Misao’s secret is eating sushi.

Those are only some of the secrets of the centenarians across the globe. If you also wish to live longer, you have to watch out for the above-mentioned tips.


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