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Construction Worker uses old slippers to sculpt miniature superhero

A Spotlight on Filipino artistry

  • Elmer Padilla sculpts superhero miniatures using old slippers
  • A new approach on sculpting superhero miniatures

A construction worker has been the talk of town after creating impressive miniature superhero using recycled materials.

Filipino artistry takes the center stage in every corners of the world – may it be from the art of cooking, photography, painting, drawing, and even sculpting. But have you ever seen such artist who  sculpts miniature superhero using recycled materials such as old slippers? If not, meet Elmer Padilla.

Gundam figure. (Photo from ‘Guhit Pinas’ Official Facebook page)

In a viral post with almost 2,000 shares on Facebook by Adrian Soriano Bernabe, he noticed a guy in Imus displaying his recycled masterpiece on the side of the street, in which he immediately took picture and posted in a Facebook group called ‘Guhit Pinas’, and afterwards went viral.

Elmer, the construction worker who uses old slipppers to make a miniature superhero (Photo from 'Guhit Pinas' Official Facebook page)
Elmer, the construction worker who uses old slipppers to make a miniature superhero (Photo from ‘Guhit Pinas’ Official Facebook page)


More miniature superhero. (Photo from 'Guhit Pinas' Official Facebook page)
More miniature superhero. (Photo from ‘Guhit Pinas’ Official Facebook page)

The guy in the said post is Elmer Padilla. Originally from Catbalogan, Samar, Elmer took the opportunity of travelling to Cavite and earn a living. But through his artistic capabilities, he has now gained popularity with his amazing set of hands. His impeccable articulation can be seen from its finished product itself.

Some of his works he has created are: Hellboy, Gundam, Transformers, and Deadpool to name a few. With some of the international sculptors who uses uncommon tools for their craft, it surely does conclude that Elmer’s talent is exceptional and indeed world-class. We also know that necessary materials are required to create these figures – but with Elmer’s resourcefulness – a masterpiece can be done with just 2-3 tools. It isn’t just the talent that is needed to built a miniature action figure – but perseverance and a keen eye for detail to perfect the outcome.

And now that these type of artwork are also marketed to adult toy collectors, who knows one day, Elmer can open his toy shop selling his beautifully-crafted miniature superheroes.


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Written by Denise Alyssa G. Villamar

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