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Cute No More: Teen’s Face Damaged After P500 Collagen Injection

P500 Collagen Injection Nose Job gone wrong

An 18-year old teenager is suing a certain nurse who injected his face with fake collagen. Elouie filed a complaint against a nurse named Kachika for “illegal practice of medicine”. Two years ago, Elouie had a cute face but decided to improve it by undergoing a nose and cleft chin enhancement procedure.

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He wanted a prominent nose and a dimpled chin. He liked joining talent competitions as early as age 16 and thought of improving his appearance.

A friend introduced him to Kachika, a nurse who claimed to be an expert at injecting collagen. Kachika assured Elouie that the procedure was safe and wouldn’t cause any infection. However, two years after the procedure, Elouie suffered from swollen nose and chin. His face also got bigger.

Filipino Victim of Medical Malpractice Fake Collagen Injection
Filipino Victim of Medical Malpractice – Fake Collagen Injection

When Elouie consulted Dr. Gil Vicente of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, he found out that what was injected to him was not pure collagen. It was actually a granulated substance that hardened inside his nose and chin. This resulted to the swelling and damage to his skin.

Kasheca Magallanes (Photo from
Kasheca Magallanes (Photo from

Kachika was clearly at fault and there was malpractice involved however the suspect has since gone into hiding.

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