Deniece Cornejo’s Rape Case Against Vhong Navarro Dismissed

DOJ Finally Has A Ruling For Rape Case Filed Against Vhong  Navarro

Vhong  Navarro vs Deniece Cornejo
Vhong  Navarro vs Deniece Cornejo

  • After three years, DOJ has decision for rape case against Vhong Navarro.
  • Questions Deniece Cornejo’s allegations.

The DOJ junked the rape and attempted rape case against actor-tv host Vhong Navarro by model stylist, Deniece Cornejo. There was no probable cause to file charges against Navarro in court, according to the DOJ.

File photo of Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo photo via
File photo of Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo photo via

“To be sure, the voluminous records of this case were scrutinized vis-à-vis the original resolution finding probable cause. However, such thorough scrutiny has failed to make us engender a well-founded belief that the rape and attempted rape described by the complainant actually happened,” said the resolution signed by OIC Prosecutor General Severino Gaña Jr.

Cornejo claimed that Navarro sexually assaulted her on January 17, 2014 which resulted to the group of businessman Cedric Lee mauling Navarro five days later on January 22 which had Navarro ending in the hospital for sustaining multiple injuries.

Deniece Cornejo photo via
Deniece Cornejo photo via

Lee retaliated by saying that they mauled Navarro when they walked in on him trying to sexually abuse Cornejo. However, Navarro denied this and consequently filed serious illegal detention and grave coercion against Lee, Cornejo and five other people for the mauling incident in a Taguig city court.

The DOJ mentioned several reasons for siding with Navarro, one, because there is “lack of new evidence” and two, there are “major inconsistencies” in the three sworn statements.

“[Cornejo’s] story about the incident on January 17, 2014 changed from no rape (or anything amorous for that matter) happening (first complaint-affdavit), to rape being committed by force (second complaint affidavit), and finally to rape being committed rendering her dizzy and weak due to a date rape drug-laced wine (third complaint-affidavit),” stated in the resolution.

Vhong  Navarro vs Deniece Cornejo
Vhong  Navarro vs Deniece Cornejo

It is common that any human experience “dictates that a narration given close to the incident usually contains more details than one that is given later” but Cornejo’s first complaint contains less details than her second complaint.

Source: GMA News

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