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Despite the news of death before the coronation night, contestant was still declared as the winner


Inspite of the news of her death prior to the coronation night, a contestant of a local beauty pageant in Zamboanga had been announced as the winner.

Dr. Rosinee Monte said that in the laboratory test results of contestant Mary Antoinette Acedo, 19 years of age, it had been proven that the reason behind her death was because of slimming pills overdose.

Despite the news, Acedo was still named by the organizer as Miss Dapitan 2015.


On some reports, it had been discovered that Acedo was taking slimming pills as part of her preparation for the said beauty pageant.

The physician shared that Acedo was taking four pills on a daily basis. She said, the dose was just suitable for an obese person.

Monte said that the young lass only weighed 40 kilograms, which could have resulted in the overdose.

In an interview by the ABS-CBN News to Jason Selves, the pageant organizer, he said that the committee made a decision to declare Acedo as this year’s Miss Dapitan which will serve as their tribute to the late contestant.

He said, Acedo died because of preparing for the said local pageant.

The decision of the committee was also permitted by Acedo’s fellow contestants.

In fact, Zaira Claine Gudmalin, Miss Dapitan 2015 first runner-up, said that it was just okay for her to declare Acedo as Miss Dapitan 2015 because she thinks that it was a way of paying tribute to the said contestant.

Before Acedo died, she was experiencing stomach ache, vomiting as well as diarrhea.

The doctor said, “When she took this more or less toxic doses, she vomited and then she had this LBM [loose bowel movement] and then it [high dose] actually caused damage to her other organs.”

Acedo died after days of hospital confinement.

She’s from Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte.

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