Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover: Filipino Man Bashed by Netizens for Having a Caucasian Girlfriend Turned Out to be a Hot Surfer

Do you agree with this famous saying?

[Image Credit: pacdog142/Instagram]

  • A Filipino was spending a short vacation with his Caucasian girlfriend when their photos surfaced online.

  • Netizens quickly judged him and bashed him online.

  • Turns out the man is actually a ripped surfer from La Union.

Don’t judge a book by its cover: That is what a Filipino surfer relayed to all his bashers.

Different Standard of Beauty

In the society now, with Korean idols and Hollywood stars rose to fame people are looking at beautiful fair skin, perfect set of teeth, lightly colored hair, and perfect body as the standard of beauty.

Those who have darker hair and curvy body are considered unattractive for most people. Because of it, a lot of teenagers are opting to starve themselves just to be skinny and to drink different kinds of supplements just to lighten their skin.

[Image Credit: Roger Casugay/Facebook]

That is exactly what happened to Roger Casugay. Casugay, together with his Dutch girlfriend named Lisa Verweji, went to Calbayog, Samar for vacation. Verweji visited Casugay recently.

The mixed-race couple decided to spend a layover in a restaurant owned by Migs Cano. The owner noticed the glow and affection between two couples.

Customer namin sila kanina. Ang sweet nila sobra. At randa ko na mahal na mahal nila ang isa’t isa.

The Viral Photos

Just a few days ago, the photos of the couple went viral on Facebook. A lot of netizens began bashing Casugay. Many are pointing out how beautiful the Dutch woman is and she deserved someone better other than her dark-skinned partner.

[Image Credit: Roger Casugay/Facebook]

There were even others who told Casugay to follow Xander Ford’s footsteps and get a plastic surgery to improve his appearance.

Roger Casugay Hot Filipino Surfer
Roger Casugay Hot Filipino Surfer

Different Side of the Coin

However, several photos of Casugay surfaced online and a lot of these netizens ate what they said. Casugay turned out to be a hot surfer from La Union.

He’s completely ripped and had a body that every woman would definitely fall for.

[Image Credit: Roger Casugay/Facebook]
[Image Credit: pacdog142/Instagram]

It is definitely true. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Not unless you already read the book, right?


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