Don’t Look At These Alone: Ghost in the Man’s Haunted Apartment Decided to Show It’s Face

Make sure to view these photos when you’re with someone!

The dead child, who’s haunting Adam Ellis’ apartment decided to show its face. [Image Credit: @moby_dickhead/Twitter]

  • Adam Ellis, the person behind the “Dear David” story, is still being hunted by the child ghost.

  • Apparently, the dead child even followed him during his trip to Japan.

  • However, Dead David decided to show it’s face to Ellis now.

Can you still remember Adam Ellis, the Twitter user, and animator who’s house is haunted by a ghost he named “Dear David?” Well, the story continues.

The Scary Stories Continue

Ellis is continuously updating his Twitter followers about the dead child who is haunting not only his life but also his apartment. He struggled with the malfunctioning Polaroid camera, his cats staring at the blank room, the chair moving, and the abandonment of the warehouse near his apartment. Plus, during his trip to Japan, he captured creepy footages on the nanny cams he installed around his house.

During his trip to Japan, he thought he would not feel or see Dear David. Unfortunately, while walking around Sapporo, he noticed an intricate statue in the park. When he took a picture of the statue, he saw that the figure looks exactly like his drawing of the dead child – with dented head and small eyes.

Back to His Haunted Apartment

When he returned to New York, things went spooky immediately. Other than the moving chair, the electricity in his apartment also played “tricks on him.” The backlight of his TV, which can only turn on when the TV is on, is flickering on and off, even if the TV is not turned on. Apparently, the backlight suddenly stopped working, and now, it’s completely shut off.

Another disturbing case is when he decided to eat an early breakfast at one of his place’s local dinner, but when he returned home to take a shower and get dress, he heard a faint scratching sound from the other side of the door.

Dead David Decided to Show Its Face

When he posted the photo, one of the followers noticed that it looked like the face of the photograph Ellis shared before.

Although there were several medium and ghost hunters who offer to help him, Ellis seeks help from a close friend to cleanse his apartment because he doesn’t want strangers in his house.

He thought his friend was able to cleanse his house, but Dear David is still there.

Even if Ellis went silent for several days, he shared a thread about his most recent dream involving Dear David. This dream, surprisingly, was similar to his dream several months ago.

If you think the dream is already terrifying, wait until you see the photos he shared. When he went into his phone’s photo, he found a picture which he had been taking during his nightmare.

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