Dutdutan 2017: Ink, Body and Rock & Roll

Dutdutan 2017: Apo Whang-Od’s Legacy Given A Special Tribute

  • Tattoo artists and aficionados gathered together from all over the world.
  • Dutdutan 2017 is the most celebrated tattoo event in the country.

Dutdutan 2017 (official facebook) was held last September 1&2 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. This is the 17th year of this grand event where enthusiasts from around the world gather together to celebrate it.

Tattoo Expo Philippines
Tattoo Expo Philippines

The two-day event was an avenue for all the artists to boast their skills as well as joining various tattoo competitions.

There were numerous booths and exhibits which made the event intense and there was the covetable “Tattoo of the Day”. It was a special occasion because they paid homage to the oldest living tattoo artist in the country.

Whang-od with a foreign visitor
Whang-od with a foreign visitor

She is also the last “Mambabatok”, Apo Whang-od from Buscalan, Kalinga is a living legend and people from all over the world visit her to experience “batok” which is a time-honored hand-tapped tattooing technique. Due to dizziness, she wasn’t able to attend the event but her niece, Grace Palicas was there to do “batok” sessions for willing participants.

For tattoo enthusiasts, the event was all worth it as they were able to mingle with big names of the tattoo industry like Big Carlos Rivera, Luke Wessman and Tribal Gear founder Bobby Ruiz. There were also multiple booths where they were able to choose different designs from.

Dutdutan 2017 Philippine Tattoo Expo
Dutdutan 2017 Philippine Tattoo Expo

One of the highlights of the event as their annual bikini contest, performances from Basti Artadi, Rocksteddy, Queso, Franco, Razorback, Chicosci, Skychurch and Valley of Chrome and of course women tattoo artists who are making names for themselves like Minnehaha Calleja, founder of Goodhand Tattoo, Wiji Lacsamana, whose designs are delicately done and Mia Claravall-Reyes’s whose dot creations are unique.

The event was more than any avid fan could expect and pretty sure they’re already anticipating next year’s event.

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