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A Dying Son Overhears He Can Help His Mother and He is Determined to Save Her Life

Doctors are calling him their little angel. [Image Credit: Daily Mail/Facebook]

  • Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor while his mother discovered that she had a kidney disease.

  • Doctors revealed that Chen cannot survive and his mother needs immediately kidney transplant.

  • The boy decided to save the life of his mother by sacrificing his life.

Chen was five years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. [Image Credit: The Humor League/Facebook]

The Diagnosis

When a little boy from China was just 5 years old, he received a shocking news that he’s diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Five months after the boy, Chen Xiaotian, was diagnosed with the deadly disease, his mother, Zhou Lu, also discovered that she had a kidney disease.

Xiaotian and Lu faced two years of their illnesses together.

For two years, Xiaotian and Lu struggled through their illnesses. They encourage each other and did their best to care for each other. The mother and the son sleep side-by-side at the hospital where Lu started his dialysis and Xiaotian underwent his constant treatment.

Decision to Make

However, Xiaotian’s cancer is getting worse. When he reached the age of 7, he already lost his sight and he’s also paralyzed. His mother’s kidney also began to fail her and the doctors began their search for a match for her kidney transplant.

The doctors approached Lu’s mother and Xiaotian’s grandmother: Her grandson cannot survive but his kidney can save his mother.

Lu’s mother was the first to know about the sad news. [Image Credit: Shareby]

“They told me that my grandson would not survive,” she said, “but his kidneys could help his mother, and also save two other lives as well.”

The Boy’s Choice

When she passed the news to Lu, the mother was crushed. She didn’t want to hear anything about what’s going to happen. When the dilemma reached Xiaotian, he immediately told his mother that he is ready to go, that he wants to save her life.

Doctors consider the little boy an angel who rescued his mother. [Image Credit: Daily Mail/Facebook]

Days later, Xiaotian passed away and Lu tearfully agreed to the operation. She’d forever carry a part of her little boy. Just before the operation, the doctors paused for a moment of silence to honor the little boy’s sacrifice.

Lu’s operation was a success and doctors are calling her recovery a miracle. Xiaotian’s sacrifice did not only save his mother’s life but also two other patients.

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