Eight Signs The Body Gives When Your Kidneys Are In Danger

Watch Out For These 8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Danger

Watch Out For These 8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Danger
Watch Out For These 8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Danger

  • Your body will give you eight signs that your kidneys are in danger.
  • These signs indicate that something is wrong with your kidneys.

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body and essential for one’s health. The kidneys detoxify and cleanse the body; filtering about 10 to 150 quarts of blood daily.

Human Kidney photo via Home Health UK
Human Kidney photo via Home Health UK

The kidneys are located just under your rib cage; eliminating waste and excess fluids from your body. They regulate electrolyte levels, produce red blood cells, keep strong and healthy bones and regulate your blood pressure.

Your health will be at risk if their function is impeded and endangered. It is very important that you are aware on how to detect the signs which point towards kidney failure or damage.

Watch out for these signs;


When the function of the kidneys is damaged, excess fluids can’t be removed from the body and this will result to bloating of the face, joints and limbs and swelling.


*Trouble urinating
*Foamy urine (See “foam” in your pee)
*Pale colored urine
*Pressure during urination
*Dark urine


The low production of red blood cells causes muscle & brain damage and fatigue. Another complication of kidney disease is anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue.


The waste deposits in the blood may cause a changed taste in the mouth or even bad breath.


Pain in the upper back is one of the common signs. Individuals with kidney problems may also experience muscle cramps, especially in their legs.


Oxygen deficiency in the brain indicates kidney failure that might lead to poor concentration and focus, memory issues, dizziness and light headedness.


When the body is oxygen deficient caused by a reduced red blood cells, this will lead to shortness of breath. The red blood cells deliver the oxygen throughout the body.

Watch Out For These 8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Danger
Watch Out For These 8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Danger


Waste deposits lead to kidney failure making the skin feel itchy and be possibly covered with rashes. Remember to always take care of your kidneys’ health.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor for proper treatment and medication.

Source: National Kidney Foundation

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