Ellen Adarna is Yet to Issue a Public Apology: Will This Turn Out As a Long Court Battle Instead?

Ellen Adarna
Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna is yet to issue a public apology to the minor’s family.

  • Ellen Adarna became the talk of the town again after taking a video of a young woman who she’s pointing out as a paparazzi.

  • But it turns out that the girl is a minor.

  • The girl’s family gave Ellen five days to issue a public apology or they will take everything to the court.

Controversial sexy actress Ellen Adarna created a buzz on social media lately after taking a video of a netizen in a ramen restaurant. According to her, the said young woman was taking a video of her while taking a personal time off.

In the said video, the Kapamilya actress insisted that the netizen was the one who first made a “paparazzi move,” that is why she is doing the same thing. In a series of video clips, which she featured in her Instagram stories, she lambasted the young woman.

Ellen Adarna to Possibly Face a Lawsuit

However, it has been later found out that the said person who got involved in the hot issue is a minor. Because of it, the actress was accused of cyberbullying the young girl. Cyberbullying a minor is against the law and she could possibly face charges if the family chooses to file a lawsuit.

To avoid the long and crucial process of filing a case, the minor’s mother tried to speak to Ellen first. In an open letter, the mother called out the actress to make a stand for her daughter.

She is asking for a public apology from the actress within five days. If she fails to comply, they won’t have any other choice but to follow their legal adviser and formally file a case against the controversial actress.

No Response Until Now

However, it’s been five days since the mother tried reaching out to Ellen. The actress, however, seems oblivious to the issue.

Netizens who are waiting for the actress to issue a public apology never heard a word from her. This made them urge the family to formally file a lawsuit. Some even believe that the actress will not make a public apology since it’s not her nature to do that.

[Image Credit: Ellen Meriam Adarna / Facebook]
Whether the actress will step down and say “sorry” or she will just wait for the formal lawsuit from the family is yet to be confirmed.

What can you say about this? What do you think will happen next? Will Ellen finally issue a public apology or will this be a long court battle?


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