Ellen Adarna Slams Netizen Who Took a Video of Her; Turns Out That the Girl Was a Clueless Customer

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna slams a netizen who allegedly took a video of her while taking a break.

  • Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna turned to Instagram and shared a video of her alleged “paparazzi”

  • Turns out that the alleged “paparazzi” is actually a clueless customer.

  • The netizen turned to Twitter and explained her side. According to her, Ellen’s action was unethical and illegal.

The controversial actress Ellen Adarna posted a video exposing a netizen who took a video of her while eating in a restaurant.

Ellen Adarna Slams the Young Woman

Ellen Adarna slammed the netizen who was taking a video of her while eating ramen in a restaurant owned by someone she knows personally. Because of the netizen’s action, the actress lost her patience with the alleged “PAParazzi moves” and took a video of them and posted it in her Instagram story.

Girl, you can deny all you want but before your food arrived, you knew what you guys were doing. Yeah! So, whatever. Feeling na kung feeling. But di kami takot.

The actress also added that instead of feeling bad trip, she decided to reciprocate the action by taking a video of them.

And I saw her post that she actually took it. She casually eating ramen but she take a video. Girl, if you take a video of your food, you focus on the food. You don’t focus or you don’t show the people on the background.

Who is That Girl?

After seeing the controversial Instagram story, people of the social media platform identified the controversial netizen as Eleila Santos, a student of Miriam College.

Upon seeing the post, Eleila fearlessly fired back to the actress. In a thread, the netizen clarified that they just wanted to story their food and did not have any idea that the actress was there.

So we were casually eating ramen and this happens…We didnt notice her or even knew it was her. I just wanted to story our food.

When the actress thought she was filming her, Eleila was actually filming her food and showing the restaurant. She also defended that she did not panic at all for she had no reasons to and was not even aware that Ellen is already taking a video.

Another, that was the only video that I took when we were eating. It isnt that I did not know what to do but I only fixed the SPOON that was placed in my bowl because it was going to fall off and then I posted my story.

Lastly, she revealed that she does not know Ellen Adarna. According to her, Ellen’s action was unethical and illegal as well.


What can you say about this? Do you think this can be easily resolved? We hope so!


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