Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Pumps — Powering Crucial Medical Central Negative Pressure Systems

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The importance of safe and effective treatment of patients, while at the same time ensuring maximum protection of hospital staff, is vital. Central medical vacuum systems provide continuous negative pressure availability at convenient locations in hospital operating theatres, treatment rooms and beside beds in critical care wards. Use of medical suction plays a crucial role in not only supporting patients; but also reducing the risk of virus spread by helping to ensure contaminated materials are safely, efficiently, and effectively disposed of.

With extensive experience and expertise in providing medical grade solutions, Ingersoll Rand’s Elmo Rietschle is ideally positioned to provide the high performance equipment that supports hospitals and medical institutions. Used in hospitals around the world, including Wuhan Concord, Wuhan Tongji, and Wuhan Dongxihu; our vacuum pumps power the Medical Vacuum Systems that support patients.

A Complete Solution

Elmo Rietschle offers a range of complete pump systems built around our leading oil-lubricated rotary vane or air-cooled dry claw vacuum pumps. Our solutions consist of a minimum of 2 or 3 vacuum pumps, according to local regulations, providing operators with the ability to tailor flow rates to meet spikes in demand, while ensuring stable operation in the event of unplanned maintenance or downtime. Supplied as a complete package, Elmo Rietschle’s pump systems are available fitted with all required accessories including bacterial filters, vacuum reservoirs, control units, and all required piping.

Elmo Rietschle's Vacuum Pump Systems
Elmo Rietschle’s Vacuum Pump Systems

Safe & Sterile

Bacterial filters are an indispensable part of a hospital’s medical vacuum system, and are key to prevent the spread of potentially harmful bio-hazard material to the vacuum pumps and out to the atmosphere. Elmo Rietschle’s medical vacuum systems are fitted with duplex bacterial filters before the inlet of the pump. Using Duplex filters allows simple change over and filter replacement, without loss of service, when one filter become clogged. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in providing high quality hospital vacuum systems, our engineers will work with you to provide the right type and combination of vacuum pumps, reservoirs, bacterial filters and control systems to meet your hospital’s needs.

Maximum Compliance

Elmo Rietschle vacuum pump systems are compliant with both EN ISO 7396-1 and AS 2896-2011 standards for medical gas pipeline systems; meeting the respective n+2 and n+1 redundancy requirements outlined by each standard. For EN ISO 7396-1 each system provides at least 3 sources of vacuum: a duty pump (or pumps = n), a stand-by pump, and a spare pump; thus ensuring there is a stand-by pump available even when one pump is shut down for maintenance. AS 2896 requires only n+1

Total Control

Fitted with powerful Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Elmo Rietschle’s vacuum systems provide the highest levels of efficiency and control. Featuring automatic lead pump rotation, constant vacuum regulation, and remote monitoring capability (via Modbus and volt-free relay contacts); Elmo Rietschle’s advanced control panels are able to monitor and control up to 3 frames (a total of 9 pumps) on a single system.

Tailored to Your Needs

Elmo Rietschle offers a range of vacuum pumps to meet the varying demands of hospitals around the globe. Our comprehensive portfolio includes oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps with motor sizes ranging from 0.37kW to 30 kW, and oil-free claw vacuum pumps with motor sizes ranging from 1.1kW to 18.5kW. Compatible with our range of optional accessories, including vacuum receivers, inlet filtration solutions, and constant vacuum valves; Elmo Rietschle can tailor a vacuum system to meet the unique needs of your hospital.

The Right Choice

Combining the latest technology with advanced European engineering, Elmo Rietschle’s vacuum pumps and systems provide safe, reliable, and efficient operation. Backed by our global presence, and comprehensive service & support offering, our products are engineered to provide total peace of mind, allowing medical staff to focus on providing patients with the highest levels of care.

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