Fil-Australian Singer Alysa V Moves to Individual Bootcamp Audition on the X Factor UK

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Apart from The Voice Philippines Runner Up Alisah Bonaobra, another Filipina is also making waves in the London based competition, The X Factor UK.

Elysa V’s first audition got all the judges in the competition to say yes to her, including music mogul Simon Cowell.

Alysa V Moves to Individual Bootcamp Audition on the X Factor UK
Alysa V Moves to Individual Bootcamp Audition on the X Factor UK

During the bootcamp performance, Elysa V was the only rose among the thorns at the Sunday’s episode of the competition. Along with three guys El’Tee, Brad Howard and Sam Black, the group was set to perform Bruno Mars’ hit song Locked out of Heaven.

Simon Cowell raised his hand and made them stop shortly after the group starts singing. “This is not working, this is a bad song, I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna judge this acapella,” he said.

Eysa V X Factor uk
Eysa V X Factor uk

The judges had a long deliberation on who should move to the next round while the lady judges were stressing how “the girl” pertaining to Elysa really took the lead. It was obvious that the judges were having a hard time deciding because of the song choice.

After their long conversation, Louis Walsh talked to the group. “This has been so difficult guys because the song didn’t suit you. Some people were better than the others, but you can see [that] we’ve had a really long conversation about everybody. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna give you all a chance,” he told the group.

Eysa V in X Factor UK
Eysa V in X Factor UK

Elysa V was seen to have jumped out of excitement and rushed to exchange hugs with the rest of the group after hearing what Louis Walsh had to day.

Simon Cowell told the group before they left the stage “It was partly because of the way you’re all with each other. This is the last pass you get because [as] you go forward tomorrow, it’s your own choices now, there’s no excuses, I think you all behaved really well and we’re happy to give you all another shot tomorrow.”

Watch the Video here:

Elysa V and the rest of the group are set to perform at the individual bootcamp auditions wherein a decision will be made if they are moving to the next round, the Six Chair Challenge.

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