Forgiven But No Longer Friends: Kris Aquino Not Invited to Ai Ai Delas Alas’ Wedding?

Do you think Ai Ai will invite Kris?

Hopefully, all will end well. [Image Credits: msaiaidelasalas/Instagram and krisaquino/Instagram]

  • The friendship of Ai Ai Delas Alas and Kris Aquino is known in the industry as one of the closest and funniest friendship.

  • However, due to an issue, their friendship was tested.

  • Although forgiven, the daughter of Ai Ai indirectly told a Netizen that Kris is not invited.

Friends come and go, especially in the world of show business. Although there are a lot of people in the industry who remain great friends until now, there are also some whose friendships are destroyed because of rumors, conflicts, and misunderstanding.

They mended their broken friendship during Dingdong and Marian’s Wedding. [Image Credit: GMA News/Facebook]

Is It Over?

One of the known close friends in the industry were Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai delas Alas. Even if they already forgive each other after their known misunderstanding in the past, their closeness remains to be rebuilt.

The comedian issued a statement whether or not Kris Aquino is invited to her church wedding with Gerald Sibayan to happen on December 12 this year.

The controversial wedding will be on December this year. [Image Credit: Nice Print Photos/Facebook]

Plea Not to Put Controversy to Her Wedding

A lot of people are asking whether the Queen of All Media is invited to her upcoming wedding. Instead of directly answering the question, the actress and TV host said that the day is very important for her so she doesn’t want people making rumors about it.

“Importante sa akin ang araw na yun, kaya sana huwag nang intrigahin. Sana isaalang-alang at igalang nila ang feelings ko. Mas pipiliin ko na huwag sagutin ang mga intriguing question dahil kahit ano pa ang isagot ko, siguradong may sasabihin ang haters at bashers. Sabi nga, ‘There’s always peace in silence. A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.”

The controversial wedding will be on December this year. [Image Credits: Kris Aquino/Facebook and Ai Ai delas Alas/Facebook]

Ai Ai’s Daughter

She also showed her reaction after her daughter, Sophia, also answered Netizen regarding Kris being invited to her mother’s wedding.

Sophia told the Netizen that being okay with someone does not give you an invite to a wedding which received mixed reactions from people.

Ai Ai believes that people will still talk even if they are not doing anything. [Image Credit: msaiaidelasalas/Instagram]

Delas Alas defended her daughter and said that the Netizen is just making stories about it.

What can you say? Do you think Ai Ai should still invite Kris for the sake of their friendship?


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