Girlfriend of Franco Hernandez Reveals That She Tried to Save His Life

During the incident, she did everything she can to save him.

Janica Nam shared her videos and happy memories with Franco Hernandez. [Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]
Janica Nam shared her videos and happy memories with Franco Hernandez. [Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]

  • Model Janica Nam Floresca revealed that she tried to save his life during the incident.

  • She stated that until now, she can’t believe that he is now gone.

  • Janica also shared the happy times they were still together.

It’s hard to lose someone you love but it is harder when the one you love the most died in front of you.

That is what happened to Janica Nam Floresca, the girlfriend of Franco Hernandez. Until now, she still cannot accept the death of her boyfriend.

Last Saturday, November 11, Hashtag member Franco died of drowning in a resort in Davao Occidental. The 26 years old young star was with his girlfriend and other friends when huge waves hit the motorized banca they were riding, causing Franco and Janica to fell from the boat.

[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]
[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]
[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]

She Tried to Save Him

According to the tweet of Janica last November 12, she tried to save Franco when they both fell. She revealed that she was trying to save his life in exchange for hers.

Photos Went Viral

Janica also asked the people who posted Franco’s casket photos, which went viral, to stop posting the pictures. She sought their respect for his beloved boyfriend.

[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]
[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]

The Videos

After sharing the last video of them together, a few minutes before the accident, Janica also shared another one showing how happy Franco was when she finally said YES to his proposal to be his girlfriend.

[Image Credit: thisisjanicanam/Twitter]

Life is too short. As long as you’re still alive, make sure to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones.


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