GMA Releases a Teaser for a New Voltes V Project

This new show appears to be a live action adaptation of the famous 70’s mecha anime.

  • Voltes V is a classic mecha anime that was shown back in the 70’s and became popular in the Philippines
  • GMA gave a teaser a few days before New Year’s Eve, hinting of a new project that revolves around the said anime
  • On their New Year’s Eve event, a teaser was played showing an up and coming series with the title “Voltes V Legacy”

Anime is still a bit part of entertainment in the Philippines. Numerous anime titles had a cult following after they were shown, which led to certain titles being memorable to a lot, which includes the classic show Voltes V.

Choudenji Machine Voltes V

Choudenji Machine Voltes V, or simply known as Voltes V in the Philippines, is part of the “super robot genre” and is the second from what was called the “Robot Romance Trilogy,” with the first being Chodenji Robo Combattler V, and the third being Tosho Daimos. All three were shown in the country, but it was Voltes V that was first shown and it became controversial back in the 70’s due to President Ferdinand Marcos banning the show because of “excessive violence.” It was only after the EDSA Revolution was it shown again, first in IBC 13, and then in GMA 7, where it was part of their “anime revolution,” and it had numerous reruns and even local celebrities lending their voices in one instance.

Voltes V tells of a story where the Boazanian alien race starts an invasion of planet Earth. With most of the defenses of Earth defeated specially due to the “beast fighters” that the Boazanians use, the last hope of humanity is with Voltes V, a super robot that is formed from five individual “Volt Machines.” Voltes V’s base is Camp Big Falcon, which is situated along the coast of Japan.

On December 23, GMA has released a quick teaser video that says they will be announcing something big on New Year’s Eve itself. The video only showed a letter V fashioned after Voltes V’s logo and the date of December 31, 2019. Rumors started to spread that it will be a live action adaptation of the anime, and on New Year’s Eve, during their Year End special, they finally showed a 1-minute teaser video.

The video teases that “The Hero of Generations Returns…” and it shows a CGI-rendered image of Camp Big Falcon, the back of who appears to be the Boazanian forces’ leader Prince Zardos, along with their fighter saucers, and the inside of Big Falcon. Later on, they showed the legs, the back, and a full image of Voltes V, who appears to have been redesigned with a more modern look.

From a Reddit thread that discussed this new show and teaser, one of the members said that a local company called Riot Inc. is involved with the CGI and post-production. This is the same company that created the widely popular Max’s advertisement. It was also mentioned that, unlike how local shows are shot and then broadcasted only days apart, this time around, the entire show will be shot and done before it is released.

voltes v legacy teased by gma
Camp Big Falcon from the Voltes V Legacy teaser
voltes v legacy teased by gma
First look of the redesigned Voltes V from the Voltes V Legacy teaser

In the same thread, it was also mentioned that the show will be done seasonally, but there is no set number of episodes as of yet. Mark Reyes, who directed the widely popular teleserye Encantadia, will be directing the series, and it was also said that TOEI, who produced the original series, will closely supervise the production of the show.

It is also mentioned that, even though it was teased at the eve of 2020, the show will not air until 2021. Long time fans of the series have expressed their excitement with the teaser and are all now having high expectations when it comes out.


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