HOT: Good-Looking Police Officers are Now Stealing the Hearts of Netizens

Hello 911? Connect us to Gainesville Police Department please.

Anyone would surely want to get arrested now. [Image Credit: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook]

  • After the Hurricane Irma, another news is taking everyone by storm.

  • The three good-looking officers, together with their other colleagues, are not only helpful but good for the eyes as well.

  • To help the relief operations, the department will create a calendar.

After the recent hurricane that hit the United States, another storm is breaking the hearts of people — in a good way. Officers from the Gainesville Police Department in Florida now have thousands of new admirers after posting pictures of themselves on the Facebook page of their departments.

Taking Everyone by Storm

As Hurricane Irma blazed the Sunshine State with its heavy rain and strong winds, the Gainesville police officers documented how they were responding to the storm to notify the citizens via Social Media.

Everyone are happy to see the officers. [Image Credit: Knoxville Police Department – TN/Facebook]

Police officers Dan Rengering, John Norman, and Michael Hamill took a photo of themselves before they started their shifts last Sunday.

The photos went viral not because of their immediate action to the storm but because of their good looks. The snapshots got more than 500,000 reactions and more than 250,000 shares.

Officer Rengering is taking the hearts of women and children. [Image Credit: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook]

Calling 911

After the post went viral, the department put out a statement urging citizens not to call 911 just for the good-looking officers to respond to their homes.

The three officers were not the only ones who caught the attention of the netizens. A lot of people are also commenting on the good looks of the other officers whose photos were posted on their official Facebook page.

People are now wondering if it is really a police department or a modeling agency. [Image Credit: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook]

A former model turned police officer, Bylynn Hatcher, also caught the eyes of admirers and was even given the nickname “sexy chocolate.”

The Police Department’s Calendar

The Gainesville Police Department now plans to create a calendar featuring their officers to raise money for Hurricane Irma victims. To prepare for the shoot, the officers are now showing their workout routines.

The Calendar will surely be a big hit. [Image Credit: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook]

Everyone is excited and we know this calendar will take everyone by storm again. If given a chance, will you buy one for yourself?


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