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Grab Car Passenger Shares His One-Of-A-Kind And Scary Experience With A ‘Ghost’ Passenger

Other Passenger
A passenger experienced a ride of his life after getting the services of Grab. [Image Credit: Sam Andrew Lee / Facebook]

  • Transportation services such as Grab is convenient for everyone.

  • There are funny, angering, and even scary stories from passengers who are using the service.

  • A Grab passenger shares his one-of-a-kind yet scary experience while riding a Grab car.

While we all love stories that involve vampires and zombies, we don’t usually find them scary. However, when it comes to ghosts or unknown creatures, just the first two paragraphs of the story will immediately cause you to be scared and go into hiding.

A Facebook user did not expect that he will have an experience of a lifetime after booking a Grab car. According to Sam Andrew Lee, he booked a car at exactly 12 midnight going to Oasis when he noticed that someone is sitting at the back of the private car.

Grab Car
Using the services of Grab is convenient for people.

Frustrated because he booked a private car and not Grab Share, he told the driver about the other passenger. However, when he told the driver about it, the driver said he’s alone.

When he looked again, he noticed that the other passenger is no longer there. When they passed by Litex going to Sandigan, the other passenger appeared again. Fearing and knowing that the other person is not a living thing, he told the driver about it. He also closed his eyes and prayed for the other passenger to show himself in a selfie.

Scary Ride
Sam was surprised to see the other passenger. [Image Credit: Sam Andrew Lee / Facebook]
When he took the photo, he was surprised and scared to see the other passenger in the same photo. The driver also got scared after he showed him the photo.

Since he’s about to get off the ride, the Grab driver, who was also afraid, asked him to accompany him to his house and he will just book him another ride going to his destination. However, fearing for his life, he opted to be dropped off.

Other Passenger
What will you do if you experience this? [Image Credit: Sam Andrew Lee / Facebook]
Read the story here:

Sam reminds everyone to always pray before riding any vehicle. Hopefully, this scary experience will not happen to us.


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