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LOOK: Guy’s phone explodes and sets his denim jeans on fire

Another case of phone explosion in a guy’s pocket

Phone exploded on guy's denim jeans (Photo from LADbible)

  • Another incident of phone explosion in pocket and setting jeans on fire
  • Fortunately, the guy managed to walk unscathed after phone burnt through his denim jeans

And there goes another news about phone exploding inside their own pocket. Who would have thought that mobile phone/s could put people in great danger?

There are several incidents and stories of phone exploding and catching fire from different parts of the world. Such cases are the pulling out of Galaxy Note 7 after some fatal accidents experienced by the users, and few horrible stories of phones blowing up due to overheating and battery problems.

Photo of the exploded phone (Photo from LADbible)
Photo of the exploded phone (Photo from LADbible)

It doesn’t seem like these cases are going to end up soon – as a colleague of a guy named Andy Spencer has reportedly experienced a phone explosion in his pocket and sets his denim jeans on fire.

“He panicked got down the ladders and called for help – luckily, somebody had a bottle of water to hand and threw it over his leg so he could get his phone out of his pocket.” – Andy Spencer

In an article published by LADBible, Andy told them that his colleague had to shout for help as he noticed the smoke coming out from his pocket. He immediately saw the guy with his jeans smoking really badly and his phone on the floor. “He had been working up a step ladder when he noticed the room filling with smoke so he looked down and could see three- or four-inch flames coming from his pocket and his leg getting warm.

Luckily, someone handed a bottle of water and threw it over his leg to get rid of the phone in his pocket. According to Andy, his colleague managed to leave unscathed.

He also shared that the temperature from the Samsung A3 phone burnt its way through the guy’s denim.

Accidents may happen anywhere and anytime, and the only way to stay safe is knowing some safety measures and tips on responsible usage of any gadgets. To prevent the risk of further phone explosion – user must not overcharge, avoid hot places and storing batteries near metal. Also, if you noticed something wrong with your phones, immediately visit the nearest shop for checking.

Source: LADbible

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